First Day Success!

student hand

The first day of school has come and gone with tremendous success!  The students found (and opened) their lockers, arrived to the correct rooms, enjoy a tasty lunch, and returned home safely.  I witnessed many students catching up with one another after a long summer.  Talking about family vacations, trips to amusement parks, and a variety of other summer adventures.  The building was truly alive today!  It was wonderful thing to experience.

Thank you to all of our parents who attended orientation and open house.  These are important days in getting students acclimated and back into “School” mode.  As the year progresses, please monitor your child’s progress and when you have concerns do not hesitate to communicate with their teachers.

Education is a community effort.  I believe that strong school, student, and family relationships are the keys to a quality education for our students.  WE ARE CLOVERLEAF!!

Stay tuned for future posts.

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