One Book, One Community


This year our 6th grade students at the middle school will be participating in a county  wide initiative led by the United Way and the Medina County Library.  The One Book, One Community initiative will be centered on the best selling book Wonder written by R.J. Palacio.  Our students were introduced to the program this past Monday.

The United Way provided every 6th grade student at CMS and in the county with a copy of the book.  The book will serve as  the center piece for many county wide programs held at a variety of community locations in Medina County.  Students and families are encouraged to attend and participate.  Click the following link for a full program schedule .

6th grade teachers at CMS have dedicated many days throughout the summer meeting to develop engaging lessons designed around Wonder.  Our teachers will enhance the message of courage, kindness, and inspiration that are illustrated through this moving book.  I would encourage you to take the journey with your children to explore the message of Wonder.

Wonder programming

wonder 3                                                                                                            wonder 5



wonder5 wonder4 wonder3 wonder wonder 2

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