A Very Busy Week at CMS

This past week (10/13-10/16) we were very buys at CMS.

On Tuesday, our 7th and 8th grade students participated in an assembly titled Robby’s Voice.  Rob Brandt, the President of Robby’s Voice, shared with our students the truth about the struggles of addiction and the impact it has, not only on the individual who uses drugs, but those who love them.  Rob Brandt’s presentation was powerful and moving for our students.  His message is inspired by the loss of his own son to drug addiction.

For more information about Robby’s Voice, visit the following link http://www.robbysvoice.com/

IMG_3130 IMG_3126 IMG_3124 IMG_3123IMG_3133IMG_3132IMG_3127


On Tuesday, we also held an 8th grade parent meeting for the Washington D.C. trip that is scheduled for May 18-20.  Parents were informed of important due dates and policies related to the trip.  During the meeting, parents heard from the administration, the school nurse, and a representative from the tour company (Nowak Tours).  If you are an 8th grade student or parent you can stay up to date on the trip by clicking on the “Washington D.C. Information” tab at the top of my blog.  Forms and information  will be updated periodically as more information comes available.

download dc

On Wednesday, we concluded our spirit week with our annual Tailgate Party.  We had a very spirited week of dressing up and activities that highlighted the unique character of our students at CMS.  The tailgate ended with a march up to the high school football stadium where our students did a great job cheering on their favorite football team.  Thank you to the many staff members who participated in the tailgate and assisted with football game.  Go Colts!!!

IMG_3142 IMG_3141 IMG_3140 IMG_3139 IMG_3137 IMG_3136 IMG_3135IMG_3143IMG_3144IMG_3145IMG_3146IMG_3147IMG_3149

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