A Celebration of Service- Veteran’s Day Concert 2014

The CMS Band and Choir performed in honor of our nation’s veterans this past Tuesday, November 11th. The concert was moving and emotional for both the students and the audience.

In addition to an incredible performance by our band and choir students that left the audience wanting more, Mrs. Chapman recited Emma Lazarus’ poem “The New Colossus.” This is the poem located at the base of the Statue of Liberty that highlights the promise of America.

The keynote speaker of the night was Cloverleaf Middle School’s own Assistant Principal, Mr. Smith.  Mr. Smith was a member of the Ohio National Guard and served in Afghanistan.  Mr. Smith shared some personal experiences with the audience, and provided some advice to our students about how to talk to veterans about their experiences.

Thank you to all who attended and thank you to all of our students for their hard work to provide our veterans with a memorable experience.

A special “Thank You” to Mrs. Leonard, Miss. Dougherty, and Mr. Winter for their efforts in planning the concert.

Below are pictures from the evening.  I hope you enjoy them.

IMG_3189 IMG_3190 IMG_3191 IMG_3192 IMG_3193 IMG_3194 IMG_3196 CH1  ES3IMG_3198

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