Colts Bring a Spark to the Charge!

On Wednesday, December 17 CMS students, families, and staff sang and cheered the Canton Charge to a victory! The COLT Express provided an outstanding rendition of the National Anthem to kick the game off. The entire Colt stampede helped to push the Charge through a close 4th quarter.

I was very proud of the students during the course of the game. They represented our school well. I had several positive comments about the students respectful behavior.

A special “Thank you” goes out to Mrs. Leonard who was very involved in the planning process. I would also like to thank the parents who attended as well.

Below are pictures of the fun evening. Enjoy!


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The Canton Charge Game Details


As mentioned in my previous blog, the COLT Express has been invited to sing the National Anthem at the Canton Charge basketball game on Wednesday, December 17th.  To show our Colt pride a Fan Bus was made available for students and parents who were interested in attending the game.

The students who will be attending the game will have a meeting during I/E on Monday, December 15th to share ticket and travel information.

The tickets will be distributed at the time of departure on Wednesday.

Transportation information:

  • 5:00pm            Colt Express arrival time
  • 5:15pm            Colt Express departs for game
  • 5:30pm            Fan Bus arrival time CMS
  • 5:45pm            Fan Bus departs for game
  • 10:00pm          Approximate return to CMS (both buses)

According to the Charge representative, students typically take $20.00 spending money for the game. That should provide the students a trip to the concession stand as well as a possible souvenir.   Please be aware that any spending money sent with your child is their responsibility.  Chaperones and staff attending cannot be responsible for student’s spending monies.

There are several CMS staff members – as well as administration – attending the game and ALL school rules apply. In addition, for the safety of the students, students will be escorted to restrooms, concessions, and souvenir stands.  NO CMS student will be permitted to ‘wander’ around without an adult.

Our arrival time back to CMS is approximate. We will have students’ call/text parents when we get close to home – around the Seville exit of route 224.  Please make every effort to be waiting for the buses… Staff is required to stay with all students – and the building may be locked.