Testing Date Change

date change

Recent cancellations of school, due to weather, have created some scheduling conflicts with our state testing.  As a result, the Unit 2 Math Assessment, originally scheduled for tomorrow, will be moved to Tuesday, March 3rd.

The Final day of the Performance-Based Assessment (PBA) window will be Wednesday, March 4th.  March 4th testing will include 6th grade Social Studies and 8th grade Science.

I truly appreciate your understanding and support as we work through the difficult weather and our first exposure to the new state testing format.

Updated Student Testing Schedule


Due to school cancelations there have been some modifications to our testing schedule at CMS.  Below is the new schedule for the Performance-Based Assessment (PBA) at CMS.

  • Monday, February 23rd- English Language Arts test #2
  • Tuesday, February 24th- English Language Arts test #3
  • Wednesday, February 25th- Math test #1
  • Thursday, February 26th- Math test #2
  • Wednesday, March 4th- 6th grade Social Studies/8th grade Science

In the near future I will post the End Of Year Assessment schedule.  It will take place in April and May.  Stay tuned for further details.

CMS Twitter Account


I am excited to announce that I have launched a Twitter account for Cloverleaf Middle School.  My goal in adding the twitter account, as well as, posting information on my Blog is to provide convenient ways for families and students to receive news and information about CMS.  I will continue to work to find meaningful ways to build a strong school community that is well informed, and that promotes participation in the educational process by parents and community members.    Students benefit most when we all work together!

Below is our Twitter account.  I look forward to sharing news and information with all of the followers.

twitter2  @MadiganCMS 

State Testing Information


Below are the state testing days for CMS.  These dates were shared through a mailing you should have received several weeks ago.  There was one date change from March 5th to March 4th for the 6th grade social students and 8th grade sciences test.

February 17th- English Language Arts (Grades 6-8)

February 19th- English Language Arts (Grades 6-8)

February 24th- English Language Arts (Grades 6-8)

February 25th- Math (Grades 6-8)

February 26th- Math (Grades 6-8)

March 4th- 6th grade Social Studies/8th grade Science (This date has changed from the date shared in the earlier mailing.  It was originally scheduled for March 5th)

All tests will be administered in the morning from 7:35-9:35 a.m.  Students will be provided a light breakfast prior to testing.  Please work with your child to ensure they get plenty of sleep during the testing dates listed above.  On testing days we will run a testing schedule that will allow students to meet with each of their teachers during the course of the day.  On non-testing days, the students will follow the regular schedule.

If school would be canceled due to snow or cold on a scheduled testing day, testing will resume on the next day of attendance.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (330) 302-0607.  It is very important to me that our students and our families have a clear understanding of the state testing processes and procedures.