8th Grade Washington D.C. Update


Thursday, February 26th a meeting was held with 8th grade students who will be involved with the Washington D.C. trip.

During the meeting the students were informed of behavior expectations for the trip.  All school rules apply to students while on the trip.

Students were provided their Roommate Preference form and their Bus/Trip Code of Conduct form.  Both documents were reviewed with the students during the meeting.   Parent signatures are REQUIRED on both forms in order for students to submit them Roommate Preference form.

The Roommate Preference form and the Bus/Trip Code of Conduct form will be collected during lunch periods on March 18th and 19th.

There have been changes made to the Roommate Preference form from years past.  Please review the information carefully.  If your child has lost the Roommate Preference form, it is also available on my blog by clicking on the “Washington D.C. Information” tab.

Please contact the middle school at (330) 302-0207 with any questions.

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