Building Schedule Reminder

With the first day of school only hours away, I wanted to send out a reminder to students and families of some important times:

7:00 am- Doors to the middle school open for students. Students must remain in cafeteria until the 7:20 am bell. Students will have the opportunity to buy breakfast during this time. 

7:20 am- Bell to release students to their lockers. Students must remain in the locker area and cafeteria.  

7:30 am- Bell to release students to their home room class. 

7:35 am- Tardy bell to begin home room. 

2:35 pm- dismissal bell for the day. 

2:50 pm- all students not participating in a team or group activity must exit the building by this time. 

I look forward to seeing the students bright and early in the morning.  We have an exciting year ahead of us!

Go Colts!

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