Updated Stadium Information for Students

Cloverleaf Home Football Games

In an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable experience while attending Cloverleaf Colts home football games the following rules will be followed:

  • All elementary level students must be accompanied by an adult in order to gain entrance to the football game.
  • Spectators are not permitted to bring balls into the stadium.
  • Students are expected to be in the stands during the game unless they are moving to and from the restrooms or concessions.
  • Beverages are not permitted to be brought into the stadium.
  • Standing will not be permitted along the fence in front of the home side bleachers.
  • Only authorized personnel will be permitted access to the press box.
  • Only authorized personnel are to stand on the track during football games.
  • Marching Band will occupy the south section of the bleachers.

Thank you for your support of our team.  We are excited for a great season.  Go Colts!

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