CMS Tailgate Party


Spirit Week starts Thursday, September 8 at CMS with a school pep rally to kick it off and ends on Thursday, September 15 with the annual CMS tailgate party and football game, along with the Homecoming bonfire ceremony that evening!

Spirit week is a positive and fun way to show appreciation and pride in your school.  It is a way to show support for the school and the sports teams that represent it.  It gives all students something fun to do, and it is a way to be more involved with school activities, even when not being in a sport or group at this time.  We hope everyone will have fun and dress up for our spirit days!  *Plan the outfits now, but remember dress code rules apply.

Thursday, September 8:  Rock-n-Roll Day (concert/band t-shirts, jean jackets, big hair, etc…)

Friday, September 9:  Colt Pride Friday (Cloverleaf shirts)

Monday, September 12:  College Day (favorite college shirts, hats, and attire!)

Tuesday, September 13:  Tourist Day (fanny packs, Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses with a chain, etc.)

Wednesday, September 14:  Dress to Impress Formal Day (suits, ties, dress pants, nice dresses, etc…)

Thursday, September 15: Throwback Cloverleaf Day (CMS Tailgate Party/Game; Homecoming Bonfire) (old Cloverleaf stuff – old elementary attire; Camp NuHop clothes or older siblings/parents Cloverleaf attire from the past)

Friday, September 16: Colt Pride Friday (Cloverleaf shirts)

 (Homecoming Football Game)

What is the Tailgate Party??

*It is fun, food, and dancing before the middle school football game that will be played at the high school field against the Coventry Comets.

*It is right after school and continues until kick-off up at the high school field!

Tickets cost $5.00 and will be sold to students during lunch from Monday, September 12-Wednesday, September 14.  Students will receive a hot dog, chips, candy, and a drink.  Students must have a ticket to be able to stay after school for the tailgate party and game. 

*There will be spirit items available to purchase and the concession stand will be open during the football game.

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