Winners of the Washington D.C. trips

Over the past several weeks, the middle school has run a building wide fundraiser to raise funds that will be used to enhance the positive culture and experiences for students in our building.

I want to first thank all of the students and families who supported the fundraiser through the selling of items.  Our participation of the fundraiser was impressive.  As a result of strong effort of our families, we sold  over $17,000 of goods.  The school and PTO will receive a portion of this total that will be used to provide meaningful programming and experiences for our students.

Many of our students earned individual prizes through the fundraising company, Century Resources, based on their individual sales. In additional to the prizes that the fundraising company provided to students, I offered a building incentive for students to show appreciation for their time, effort, and support of the fundraiser.  

For every 10 items a student sold, they received one ticket for a raffle for a free Washington D.C. trip that they will experience during their 8th grade year (a value for this year of $420).  The raffle was conducted by grade level.  So, there was one winner for each grade level in the building. If the winning student is not an 8th grader this year, their trip will be held for their 8th grade year.  

Congratulations to the winning students listed below!!!

  • Darek Klein
  • Abigail Sczpanski
  • James Showman

Social Media Parent Awareness Night Follow-up

On October 18th, a Social Media Parent Awareness Night was held for parents in our surrounding area.  Understanding schedules are busy and some parents may not have been able to attend on the 18th, we have posted a video and PowerPoint to the schools Website.

In addition to educating parents, we will also be holding assemblies at the middle school and high school on January 20th, 2017 to educate our students on the topic of social media

Please click on the following link to access the information shared on the evening of October 18th.

CMS Mock Election

It was an exciting day today for students at CMS.  The Social Studies Department conducted a Mock Election for our students.  Over the last three weeks students in grades 6-8 have studied candidates and issues during social studies classes to prepare for the mock election.  

Much like the real life experience of voting, we struggled with technology issues, but we worked through them to ensure every student’s voice was heard.  

To conclude their research and exploration of the issues and candidates, students had a chance to voice their opinions through their vote.  Below are the results of the election.  

I would like to thank our entire Social Studies Department, support staff, and technology team for ensuring a great experience for our students.  

Election Results

Presidential Results:

  1. Donald Trump- 55.2%
  2. Hillary Clinton- 31.9%
  3. Gary Johnson- 5.1%
  4. Jill Stein- 3.4%
  5. Other- 4.3%


Students were asked to respond to the following question- Out of the issues listed, which do you personally feel are the three most important?


  1. Terrorism- 56.8%
  2. Gun Control- 46.7%
  3. Education & College- 44.8%
  4. Immigration- 38.1%
  5. Health Care- 30%
  6. Jobs & Trade- 25.7%
  7. Climate Change- 23.6%
  8. Civil Rights & Social Issues- 19.3%
  9. Broken Government- 18.9%
  10. Income Inequality- 8.8%
  11. Foreign Policy- 6.4%

The mock election provided a great real life learning experience for our students. I would encourage you to talk with your child about their choices at home.

It will be interesting to see how our students’ results compare to the actual outcome.

Thank You! to CMS Families

Today, CMS concluded our building wide fundraiser for the 2016/2017 school year. I want to extend my thanks to our students and our families for their support of our school.  The funds collected from this event will go toward programing for our students, as well as, supporting a positive school environment.

Within the next week, the raffle for the free Washington D.C. trip for a student in each grade level will be held.  Stay tuned!!!!!

Teen Institute News

Teen Institute will host a Fall Lock-in on Friday, November 11th from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm at the Cloverleaf Middle School to celebrate a drug free life with friends.  Please bring an ice cream topping to share, monetary donations will be accepted.  DOORS WILL NOT OPEN UNTIL 7:00 PM.

Below is a link to information/documents that students will need to participate.  I look forward to seeing the students there!



7:oo pm – Doors Open

7:10 pm – Rules and Regulations

7:30 pm – Cafe-Board games, music, snacks, sing star karaoke and Wii

Room 209-Movie

8:30 pm – Ice Cream Sundaes in Cafe

8:45 pm – Cafe-Board games, music, snacks, sing star karaoke and Wii

Gym-Dodge ball Tournament

Room 209– Movie

10:20 pm – To cafe for cleanup and conclusion


CMS/PTO Funraiser

Parents and Students:  Next week is the final week for the CMS/PTO Fundraiser. Remember, for every 10 items that your child sales they will earn one raffle ticket for a chance to win a free trip to Washington DC with their class.  There will be one Grand Prize Winner per grade.  We would like to thank everyone in advance for your support.  The CMS PTO is very involved and supportive of our Middle School.  The money from this fundraiser will help them to do even more.

To insure a smooth Fundraiser turn in:

  1. Return Fundraiser envelope along with payment for all merchandise and order forms to homeroom teacher or office on Nov. 8th, 2016 .
  2. Remind students to choose their awards and include award choice paper in the Fundraiser envelope .

To insure a smooth Fundraiser pick up:

  1. Fundraiser orders will be delivered on Dec. 8th, 2016
  2. If your child sells more than 2 boxes of fundraiser merchandise please make sure to make arrangements to pick your child up from school on that day.  (IT IS BEST TO PICK CHILDREN UP AFTER THE BUSES LEAVE @ 2:45)
  3. All orders will be in alphabetical order on the Cafe tables.
  4. We will use the Remind System to notify parents that orders are ready for pickup.
  5. It is very important that orders are picked up on the day of delivery because some items may need to be refrigerated.

Please call or email Mrs. Gregory if you have any questions @ 330-302-0206 or

Parent Survey of School Pictures!

Recently, students received this years Fall pictures.  In order to provide a quality service for our families, myself and Interstate Studios (The Photography Company) would like to get parent feedback.

Below is a short survey that I am asking families to complete about our school pictures.  Thank you for your input!

**Reminder that picture retake day is Tuesday, November 8th!**