CMS Mock Election

It was an exciting day today for students at CMS.  The Social Studies Department conducted a Mock Election for our students.  Over the last three weeks students in grades 6-8 have studied candidates and issues during social studies classes to prepare for the mock election.  

Much like the real life experience of voting, we struggled with technology issues, but we worked through them to ensure every student’s voice was heard.  

To conclude their research and exploration of the issues and candidates, students had a chance to voice their opinions through their vote.  Below are the results of the election.  

I would like to thank our entire Social Studies Department, support staff, and technology team for ensuring a great experience for our students.  

Election Results

Presidential Results:

  1. Donald Trump- 55.2%
  2. Hillary Clinton- 31.9%
  3. Gary Johnson- 5.1%
  4. Jill Stein- 3.4%
  5. Other- 4.3%


Students were asked to respond to the following question- Out of the issues listed, which do you personally feel are the three most important?


  1. Terrorism- 56.8%
  2. Gun Control- 46.7%
  3. Education & College- 44.8%
  4. Immigration- 38.1%
  5. Health Care- 30%
  6. Jobs & Trade- 25.7%
  7. Climate Change- 23.6%
  8. Civil Rights & Social Issues- 19.3%
  9. Broken Government- 18.9%
  10. Income Inequality- 8.8%
  11. Foreign Policy- 6.4%

The mock election provided a great real life learning experience for our students. I would encourage you to talk with your child about their choices at home.

It will be interesting to see how our students’ results compare to the actual outcome.

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