Winners of the Washington D.C. trips

Over the past several weeks, the middle school has run a building wide fundraiser to raise funds that will be used to enhance the positive culture and experiences for students in our building.

I want to first thank all of the students and families who supported the fundraiser through the selling of items.  Our participation of the fundraiser was impressive.  As a result of strong effort of our families, we sold  over $17,000 of goods.  The school and PTO will receive a portion of this total that will be used to provide meaningful programming and experiences for our students.

Many of our students earned individual prizes through the fundraising company, Century Resources, based on their individual sales. In additional to the prizes that the fundraising company provided to students, I offered a building incentive for students to show appreciation for their time, effort, and support of the fundraiser.  

For every 10 items a student sold, they received one ticket for a raffle for a free Washington D.C. trip that they will experience during their 8th grade year (a value for this year of $420).  The raffle was conducted by grade level.  So, there was one winner for each grade level in the building. If the winning student is not an 8th grader this year, their trip will be held for their 8th grade year.  

Congratulations to the winning students listed below!!!

  • Darek Klein
  • Abigail Sczpanski
  • James Showman

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