Robby’s Voice Community Event- December 7th

Robbys Voice Community Event:
Our community, like other Ohio communities has experienced a drastic increase in illicit drug
use, and drug overdoses. Many of our students and community members have been
significantly affected, as children, parents, and other family members have experienced loss
and stress due to these issues.
Cloverleaf Schools would like to offer our community the opportunity to participate in an educational
and moving presentation by Rob Brandt, founder of Robbys Voice, an organization dedicated to
promote learning and awareness about substance use. Rob will provide current and relevant
information on signs of addiction and progression of substance abuse. In addition, we have invited
local law enforcement to provide information and resources specific to the Cloverleaf community.
The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 7th at 7:00PM at Cloverleaf high school. Child
care will be provided.
For more information about Robbys Voice, please see their website, or
visit the on Facebook.

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