Fundraiser Delivery Information

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support with the Cloverleaf Middle School Student Fundraiser.  The orders from our recent fundraiser will be delivered to the school on December 8th, 2016 between the hours of 12:30 and 1:30pm.  Depending on the delivery time, merchandise may be available for pick-up during the school day.  If an early delivery to the school occurs, a text message will be sent using our Remind system.  If you are not already signed up with the remind system, please follow the instructions below.

Remind Instructions:  Text the message @cmsfam to the number 81010 from your cell phone.

There will be no pick-ups between 2:15pm and 2:50pm due to student release time.  Students will receive their orders at the end of 7th period on December 8th if their orders have not been picked up prior.  

Each student’s order comes in an individually packaged box with handles to make it easy to carry. Some boxes may be heavy though, and some students may have more than one box. Students with 2 boxes or less will be able to take their boxes home on the bus, so please make sure that your students are prepared to take their orders home on that day. Students with more than 2 boxes will have to make arrangements to be picked up during the times provided below.  

Volunteers will be at the school from 2:45pm to 6:00pm for the evening pickup of merchandise.  It is very important that all orders are picked up on the day of delivery because many of the items must be refrigerated or frozen.  Cloverleaf Middle School does not have the ability to store these items.  Thank you in advance for helping to make this pick-up of your

fundraiser merchandise run smoothly.  We are looking forward to using these funds to improve our building atmosphere for our students.  

Thank you! Sincerely,

Brian Madigan, Principal

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