Health News From Nurse Delmoro


Headaches at school tend to increase during the winter months due to the increase in the use of cough and cold/sinus remedies. Medications for these symptoms are used to “dry-up” nasal drainage; but they also tend to make students more thirsty or cause a “dehydration headache.”  Please encourage your child to drink more water during the day or bring a water bottle to school.  Please contact the school nurse at your child’s building if you have any questions or concerns.

During the winter months, schools see an increase in cough, colds, and asthma.  Since the cold air is a trigger for asthma along with viral colds, students that need an inhaler (even is self-carrying) must have a medication form on file at the school per Ohio law and school policy.  This also includes those students that are placed on an inhaler for short-term treatment- the visit summary or hospital discharge papers can not be accepted as a medication form.


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