CMS Decades Dance

March 20th through the 24th is Peace Week!

Peace week will kick off with a door decorating contest for all IE classrooms and will end with an all school Decades Dance on Friday! The dance runs from 3 to 5 pm on March 24th, and the ticket price of $5 includes admission, food, and beverage.  (Tickets will be sold during lunch.  The deadline to purchase tickets is Monday, March 13th.)  A portion of the proceeds from the dance will provide funds for the Special Olympics Track & Field Day held in the spring.

 Students are encouraged to dress for each day’s decades theme.  (School dress code applies.)

Monday (20th)  –  80s

  • Clothing ideas:  neon, 80’s bands, Star Wars, peg leg pants, converse, big hair, scrunchies, blue eyeshadow

 March 21st – 60s and 70s

  • Clothing ideas:  bell bottoms, flowers, peace signs, tie dye, Beatles
  • Homeroom doors will be judged during 5th period

March 22nd – 50s

  • Clothing ideas:  Grease, polka dots, ascots, slicked back hair, leather jackets, popped collar, poodle skirts, headbands

March 23rd  – 90s and 2000s

  • Clothing ideas:  dark lip stick, plaid skirts, flannels, stripes

 March 24th – Any decade you choose!

  • Dance will be immediately after school and will run until 5.  There will be prizes for the best costumes!

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