CMS 2016-2017 Student Awards


The Fred and Ken Bickerstaff Kindness Award goes to Kyle Kogler

The OHSAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Awards goes to Joshua Dunn and Brenna Holliday

The Jeff Sowash Female Scholar-Athlete Award goes to Brooklynn Crist

The Gary Atkinson Scholar-Athlete Award goes to Cooper Hartsel

The Pete Dawes Memorial Citizenship Award goes to Maria Porras

Top Scholars – The following students maintained a 4.0 GPA during the 16-17 school year. 

6th Grade – Ryley Barczyk, Jaclyn Carske, Alexis Crow, Emily George, Cara Neville, Ashley Slife, James Yagersz,

7th Grade – Jillian Donnelly, Joseph Donnelly, Nolan Freeland, Matthew Goldsberry, Luke Malena, Cassidy Smith

8th Grade – Abby Washinger, Emily Winnicki

Spelling Bee Winner: Braelyn Albano

Geography Bee Winner: Thomas Vince

Presidential Academic Award – The following students maintained a 3.5 or above during their 4th, 5th and 6th grade school year.

Julia Armogida, Riley Barczyk, Savannah Barker, Carter Betts, Mailley Hohan, Paige Brownson, Jaclyn Carske, Kaitlyn Carske, Aiden Cavey, Meghan Cavey, Kaylee Cook, Tyler Corbett, Alexis Crow, Rylee deLuna, Alec Fijalkovich, Emily Flanik, Stone Foky, Alice Genkin, Emily George, Mackenzie Gogolin, Reese Gold, Brett Gucker, Branson Harding, Nolan Hartsel, Delayna Harvey, Aubrie Hayhurst, Vladimir Herdman, Yuri Himes, Connor Hitchcock, Kaden Homan, Leah Houk, Kylee Hunter, Skyler Hustick, Alexander Iammario, Connor Jenkins, William Jerome, Oakley Kemp, Chase Kilgore, Brock Lloyd, Annabelle Lormeau, Emma Malikowski, Noah Mason, Jenna McGarry,Rhett McMullen, Blake, Musick, Abigail Myers, Nathan Naples, Cora Neville, Jacob Noel, Ava Norris, Johah Norris, Cameron Paladenic, Preston Parsons, Caleb Payne, Isabella Pintos, Jack Reed, Sara Render, Danielle Scherz, Quinton Schultz, Michael Scislo, Jennifer Shimko, Mya Sincich, Ashley Slife, Morgan Smith, <prgam Sparks, Hunter Stallings, Rose Stallings, Liam Stephens, Alyssa Stoner, Hailey Strasser, Gwendolyn Strehle, McKenna Tabor, Madison
Vasel, Ethan Vaughn, Fayth Walker, Amy Washinger, Allison Whitacre, Emma Winget, Jordan Workman, Mary Wysong, James Yagersz

Students of the Month: Cadence Bene, Blake Benko, Carter Betts, Kevin Bittaker, Arasaylie Byczek, Samuel Canfield, Alexis Crow, Jillian Donnelly, Joseph Donnelly, Bridgette Donohue, Zachary Greer, Brett Gucker, Cooper Hartsel, DeLayna Harvey, Scott Hitchcock, Brenna Holliday, Brody Keener, Bailey Lavery, Brock Lloyd, Annabelle Lormeau, Luke Malena, Noah Mason, Annabelle McMillan, Rhett McMullen, Gregory Miller, Paige Munchick, Meghan Pankuck, Juliet Pintos, Isabelle Pintos, Arabella Polen, Maria Porras, Isabelle Pritchard, Jimmy Showman, Ashley Sigmon,Ashley Slife, Victoria Smith, James Smoter, Jonathan Tomasch, Jonathan Tomasko, Ethan Vaughn, Amy Washinger, Elian Zayed

Perfect Attendance – Connor Baith, Jachlyn Carske, Kaitlyn Carske, Kaylann Cherry, Ayden Dunn, Aubrie Hayhurst, Skyler Justick, Connor Jenkins, Nathan Naples, Ava Norris, Connor Pesata, Hunter Stallings, Alyssa Stoner, Madison Vasel, Dale Wurgler, Blake Benko, Laurell Brown, Thomas Corbett, Joseph Donnelly, Quentin Dezarn, Joshua Hirko, Lukas Schreck, Ashley Sigman, Cooper Straub, Dana Thur, Timothy Vantessel, Mackenzie Waggaman, Luke Yuravak Nathan Brown Zachary Greer, Brennan Hayhurst, Brenna Holliday, Kyle Kogler, Maria Porras, Erica Samples, Andrew Schreck, James Smoter, Bruce Whitehair


Stock Market Game Winners: Connor Hitchcock, Oliver Carneal, Brock Lloyd, Ethan Koran

Yearbook Cover Winner: Maggie Moran

The Math League – The following students were the top scoring members of the Math League:

6th Grade – Liam Stephens, Kaden Homan, Ethan Vaughn

7th Grade – Hunter Allen, Austin Cummings, Ray Farnham, Zachary Porter, Cassidy Smith

8th Grade – Colette Laughlin, Brooks Powalie, Brennan Hayhurst

Track and Field Records Broken 2016-2017:

Paige Munchick – 200 Meter Hurdles – 30.99 Seconds

Michael Williams – Long Jump – 18′.6″

Michael Williams – 100 Meter Dash – 11.43 Seconds


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