CMS Student Council Members

Congrats on being elected to the 2017-2018 Student Council:

6th Graders:

  1. Emily Donofrio
  2. Haley Donohue
  3. Hayden Jarvis
  4. Zach Paladenic
  5. Gabby Petrocci
  6. Griffin Petrocci

7th Graders:

  1. Kaitlyn Carske
  2. Meghan Cavey
  3. Carson Nagy
  4. Abbey Myers
  5. McKenna Tabor

8th Graders:

  1. Natalie Bailey
  2. Savannah Brooks
  3. Ashley Kizzen
  4. Jenna Bensinger
  5. Elise Patton
  6. Timothy Jensch

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