CMS Tailgate

This year’s Tailgate is Wednesday, Oct. 4th.  Ticket sales for the event begin during lunches on Wednesday, Sept. 27th and end on Tuesday, Oct. 3rd.  Cost is $5/ticket and ticket holders will receive a hot dog, drink, candy, and chips at the Tailgate.  This event begins right after school and is followed by the middle school football game played on the high school field.  An additional event on Oct. 4th is the Homecoming Bonfire, which is after the middle school game.


CMS Spirit Week will begin this Friday, Sept. 29th.  All outfits must be dress code compliant.  The theme for each day is as follows:

  • Friday, September 29th – Superhero Day (NO capes!)
  • Monday, October 2nd – PaJaMa DaY!!
  • Tuesday, October 3rd – Neon Day
  • Wednesday, October 4th – Way Back Wednesday – This is the day of Tailgate and the Homecoming Bonfire, so find your oldest Cloverleaf shirt, or one that belonged to a sibling, parent, etc. and show off just how long Cloverleaf Pride has been running in your family!
  • Thursday, October 5th – Proud to Be an American Day – wear that red, white, and blue!
  • Friday, October 6th – Green & White day – wear the color that represents the Team you’re on!

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