Middle School Career Day Sponsored by Westfield Company

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere Thank You to each of the 30 presenters who took time out of their busy work schedules to visit and share their careers with our middle school students.

Providing the opportunity for students to hear about career options, at this age, allows students to begin looking forward to plan high school course work more strategically.

Many of the speakers made a point to tell me how impressed they were with the level of respect the students displayed, as well as, the quality of questions that were asked of them by the students.

The Career Day event is a very important and positive connection between our students and community.  These experiences connect real world application to what our students are learning each day in the classroom.

In addition to thanking our speakers for their time and effort, I would also like to thank the Westfield Company for sponsoring the event.  The Westfield Company has been a strong partner and supporter of career education at Cloverleaf Middle School.

Below is a Link to some pictures taken of our presenters.  Please feel free to take a look.

CMS Career Day Presenter Pictures (2017/2018)

Happy Holidays!

November Students of the Month

Attention Parents:  Below is a list of the students that were awarded student of the month for the month of November.  Congratulations to the students below for their dedication.  Keep up the good work.

Kyle Baginski, Cade Cass, Chaz Caudill, Abby Donofrio, Kayleigh Ethington, Emily George, Grace Goldsberry, Emma Haught-Sharp, Leah Houk, Megan Knapp, Brianna Mason, Alex Randall, Dhevan Sivapatham, Ethan Vaughn, Joe Villoni, Jimmy Yagersz

Education Beyond the Classroom

Currently the 8th grade Green Team students are studying volcanoes with an emphasis on how they impact and change the surface of the Earth.  With recent events of Mt. Agung in Bali Indonesia erupting, this gave the students a chance to study a volcano eruption in real time.  

To further study the eruption in real-time, the 8th grade Green Team students conducted a Google Hangout with former Cloverleaf graduate, Tiffany Vorndran.  Tiffany first arrived in Bali Indonesia back in late September and her eyewitness accounts began as soon as she arrived.  She spoke of all the earthquakes she experienced leading up to the current eruption.  She described the pre- and post disaster relief equipment she received; even speaking on how she has helped the Red Cross design emergency evacuation flyers.  She spoke on how the economy has been affected due to this disaster and how the volcano has changed the daily lives of the native people living in and around the volcano.  Tiffany spoke of times where she felt scared, but mostly stated that the eruption has been an exciting spectacle to observe.  The experiences Tiffany was able to share painted a picture so vivid for the students that her experiences captivated them the entire time.   However, the experience that the students will most remember is the ability to ask her questions personally.  Tiffany took time to answer each student’s questions and answer them to the fullest.  The students even helped her understand Mt. Agung better by informing her of some of the science behind the eruption.

 Special thanks needs to go to Michelle Drogell who is a personal friend of Tiffany’s and was able to help plan this experience.    

Cloverleaf Middle School Career Day 2017

On Wednesday, December 20th the middle school will be hosting its annual Career Day event Sponsored by Westfield Company.  The goal of Career Day is to expose students to career opportunities and get them thinking about careers they may be interested in prior to selecting their course work in high school.

There will be 31 total careers represented this year.  During the week of December 4th all students will have the opportunity to select 5 career presentations of their choice during their social studies class.  The 5 choices will be narrowed down to 3 presentations that the students will be scheduled to attend.  

Below is the schedule for Career Day and a list of careers that will be present.  I am asking that parents to review the list of careers with their children and discuss what the various career options are in order to  help the students make thoughtful selections.  Our teachers will also be talking with our students about the various careers that are on the list.  

I would like that extend a public Thank You to the Westfield Company for their support of the event, and to all of our presenters who are taking valuable time out of their day to share their careers with our students.

Please see the details of Career Day shared below.

The event will take place in the morning from 8:00 am-9:30 am.  


7:30-8:00 Presenters will begin arriving at the school and will report to the gym where they will check in, pick up name tags, and get coffee and doughnuts. Students will be in the gym to serve as escorts for the presenters.  During this time, we will conduct announcements and view Channel One as usual.

8:00-8:25 Session 1 presentations

8:30-8:55 Session 2 presentations

9:00-9:25 Session 3 presentations

Title Company Description
Careers in Education Cloverleaf Local Schools Educational Career Opportunities
Deputy – DARE/SRO Medina Co Sheriff Law Enforcement
Chief Petty Officer United States Navy Discuss job opportunities and my experiences in the Navy
Firefighter/Fire Chief Westfield F&R Firefighter, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Career
Judge Wadsworth You Be The Judge, Judge Mcilvanie will discuss what it is like being the judge at Wadsworth Municipal Court and then we will review actual cases and you will decide the outcome.
Retail Manager Centerra Co-Op Agriculture, Farming, Animals
IT Leader Westfield Insurance IT Careers
Assistant Law Director/Prosecuting Attorney City of Barberton Day in the life of a prosecutor, How jury trials work
Human Resource Generalist Sandridge Food Corp Food Manufacturing and future career opportunities.  I will be discussing what we do and what opportunities we offer as far as jobs go.  I plan on bringing some products for students to sample.
University Relations / College Recruiting Westfield Insurance College / Career Preparation
Natural Resource Leader Westfield Group Careers in Golf and Golf Course Management.  
Pharmacist / 4th year doctor of pharmacy student “Pharmacy- A Growing Career with Opportunity to Make a Difference!” Powerpoint presentation that includes description, career opportunities, path to becoming a pharmacist’s, rewards etc..
School Nurse Cloverleaf Nursing
MSgt/Flight Chief Recruiting/F-16 Tactical ACFT Maintenance United States Air Force Goal Setting/Education/Career Advancement/Technical Training. I may bring an Additional Guest TSgt Zelenka who is the Medina Recruiter/Officer Select.
Pilot United Airlines My Life As A Pilot, Education and Job Requirements of a Pilot, Typical Day of a Pilot
Event planner Westfield Insurance Event Planning
Accounting/Controller Stein Inc Career path/opportunities in Accounting
Doctor of Chiropractic Advanced Spine, Joint and Wellness Center Requirement and responsibilities for a career in Chiropractic Medicine


Shelly Company Managing Logistics
Landscape Designer JTS Landscaping Landscape Design
Engineer / Automotive Engineer Artiflex Engineering Automotive Manufacturing
Lawyer Educational commitments/requirement
Torque Converter Assembly Production Leader Schaeffler/LUK Production Line Management
Deaf Interpreter / ASL Instructor Cleveland State Positions available in this career field
Manufacturing Opportunities Three D Metals Metals Processing
Engineering Retired from NASA Engineering the future
Victims Advocate Summit County Responsibility of the position and education needed.
Interviewing Skills Cloverleaf Human Resources – the HR career path and Interviewing Skill
Pediatric Physician ED Akron Childrens Hosp. Pediatric Emergency Medicine-Occupation Possibilities in the Emergency Department
Production Process Manager PPG Industries Industrial Manufacturing in today’s world, and what it would look like to work at a plant that makes paint for automobiles