Education Beyond the Classroom

Currently the 8th grade Green Team students are studying volcanoes with an emphasis on how they impact and change the surface of the Earth.  With recent events of Mt. Agung in Bali Indonesia erupting, this gave the students a chance to study a volcano eruption in real time.  

To further study the eruption in real-time, the 8th grade Green Team students conducted a Google Hangout with former Cloverleaf graduate, Tiffany Vorndran.  Tiffany first arrived in Bali Indonesia back in late September and her eyewitness accounts began as soon as she arrived.  She spoke of all the earthquakes she experienced leading up to the current eruption.  She described the pre- and post disaster relief equipment she received; even speaking on how she has helped the Red Cross design emergency evacuation flyers.  She spoke on how the economy has been affected due to this disaster and how the volcano has changed the daily lives of the native people living in and around the volcano.  Tiffany spoke of times where she felt scared, but mostly stated that the eruption has been an exciting spectacle to observe.  The experiences Tiffany was able to share painted a picture so vivid for the students that her experiences captivated them the entire time.   However, the experience that the students will most remember is the ability to ask her questions personally.  Tiffany took time to answer each student’s questions and answer them to the fullest.  The students even helped her understand Mt. Agung better by informing her of some of the science behind the eruption.

 Special thanks needs to go to Michelle Drogell who is a personal friend of Tiffany’s and was able to help plan this experience.    

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