6th Grade GSAT students

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of 6th grade GSAT Students:

There were 14 students that were selected to be part of the 6th grade GSAT program back in December. This program  provided students with special training on Getting Smart About Tobacco (GSAT) in March.  The students then have the opportunity to share what they learned at this program with others.

One opportunity for them to share this information is by attending the 5th grade DARE graduation. This was originally scheduled for last month (March 21) but was cancelled because of our snow day. It has been rescheduled for next Wednesday, April 25.

New permission slips will not be needed, but I wanted to make you aware of the change. Students must be present at the beginning of school and cannot be brought over later in the morning. Students and staff will walk over to CES around 8:45 for DARE graduation. After the graduation is complete, students and staff will ride buses with the 5th graders to the Buffalo Creek Resort for the after celebration. Students will be provided lunch. If your child doesn’t like pizza, chips, etc. he/she can bring a lunch of their own. everyone will return to CMS before the end of the day.

Next week is the Math Air Tests. They were originally scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, however, because of DARE graduation, the 6th grade ONLY will take the Math tests on Tuesday and Thursday.  This will ensure our GSAT students don’t miss out on the DARE graduation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email Mrs. Cavey at erin.cavey@cloverleaflocal.org.


Have a great day!

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