Final Parent Information For 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

May is a very busy time of year for families.  Understanding that there were several events on May 1st that may have kept 8th grade parents from attending our Washington D.C. parent meeting.  I want to share some very important information that parents and students, attending the trip, MUST be aware of.  Please make sure to read the information below.  If you have questions after reading the information below, please call the main office at 330.302.0207.

There will be a student meeting held on Wednesday, May 9th during I/E to make sure students have the information they need for the trip.  The trip dates are Monday, May 14-Wednesday, May 16th.

Important Medication Information

  • Any student who will require the use of any medications (over the counter and/or prescription) on the trip must have the medication and medication documents completed and submitted to the school nurse no later than Thursday, May 10th.  No medication will be accepted on the day of the trip.  For any medication related questions please contact the school nurse, Dawn Delmoro, at 330-302-0203.

Departure Information for Monday, May 14th.

  • Doors open for student arrival at 4:55 AM.  All student’s need to report to the building no later than 5:15 AM.  Buses depart the middle school at 5:30 AM
    • Students will report to the following when they arrive to school
      • Bus 1- Cafeteria
      • Bus 2- Gym
      • Bus 3- Art Room
      • Bus 4- Media Center
    • Upon students entering the room, all bags will be searched.  
      • Each student is permitted 1 suitcase and 1 carry on bag.
      • Each student will be given a tshirt and a backpack for the trip.  The tshirt will be worn on Tuesday, the same day that we will be getting our picture taken in front of the Capital.  

Friendly Reminders of Trip Rules and Expectations

  • The following are some reminders of expectations that were shared previously with parents and students on the roommate selection forms.
    • The complete building code of conduct follows the students on the trip.  Please be advised of the following items.  Details are also provided in the student code of conduct located in the student planner.
      • Dress Code- Shorts are permitted.  Must be mid-thigh length or longer.  Tank tops are not permitted. Please consider the weather when packing.  It is also advised to wear comfortable shoes. We will be walking in the neighborhood of 20 miles on the trip (comfort over fashion is recommended).
      • Cell phone/Device- student use of devices must comply with the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.  Upon going to bed each night students phones will be taken and charged overnight with their chaperone.  Phones will be returned the next morning when chaperones wake students up. Parents,

please check your data plans as WIFI is limited on the bus!

    • Food- No 2-liter bottles, no milk produces, no cans.  Whatever students bring to eat or drink must be re-sealable and only for the student bringing the food (2 pound bags of chips, pretzels, etc….)

For a complete list of trip/bus rules, trip itinerary, and additional trip information please visit the following links.

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