Incoming 6th Grade Students, Welcome to CMS!

The middle school staff is eager to get to know our incoming 6th graders for the 2018-2019 school year.  The middle school staff has been in communication over the past couple of months with elementary staff about the students.  The discussions have been important in allowing middle school teachers to get to know individual students and their needs, as well as, develop a plan to ease the fears of the students in the transition year.  

The middle school will host multiple opportunities for students and parents to be introduced to the middle school staff and explore the building prior to summer to ease any anxiety as we approach next school year.

On May 11th middle school administration and the counselor will visit the entire 5th grade. We will introduce ourselves, explain our roles, and review somethings about our building that are different than the elementary school.  

On May 23rd the middle school will host our Spring Open House from 6-7 PM.  Both students and parents are invited to attend. There will be a presentation by administration to open the evening, followed by time to tour the building.  Information about the Spring Open House will sent home soon.

In addition to these two dates, there will be other dates when smaller groups of students will visit the middle school during the school day.  If your child is part of these visits you will be notified.

We am very excited to welcome all of you to the middle school.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to meeting you on May 23rd at our Spring Open House.  Take care!

One more thing…

I highly recommend that you follow the blog by clicking the “Follow” button on the bottom right hand corner of your monitor.  The blog is use to post building information and will be a great resource to you throughout the next three years. 

If you do not wish to follow the blog, I would encourage you to visit the blog often for updates.  Search in your internet browser to access the blog.  

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