Christopher Milo Visit

This Thursday Christopher Milo meet with our 7th and 8th grade students to revisit his 13 Messages.  His 13 Messages support a positive building culture for our students and staff.  Christopher met with our 6th grade students as a part of our 6th Grade First day to open the year.  Christopher will also be present in the building on Friday to continue spreading and reinforcing his 13 Messages with our students and staff.

As a building we are committed to living out the 13 Messages of Milo, through his visitations, signs throughout the building, and the issuing of Milo Cards to students who have exhibited behaviors consistent with the 13 Messages. We always make sure we contact families when a student is recognized with a Milo Card.

I want to promote an environment that is caring and accepting of all students and adults.  Christopher Milo’s program reinforces this goal.


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