Save the Date! CMS Fall Conference Night:

Thursday, October 18th from 4-8 PM the middle school will be hosting conference night for grades 6-8.  The conferences will be student led this Fall.  This format provides students the opportunity to reflect on their progress so far this year, establish goals for themselves, identify their level of effort and involvement in the educational process, and talk with parents about areas they need to improve, as well as, areas they are enjoying great success in.

The process that students go through to plan and lead their own conference makes for a very personal and meaningful discussion between the student and the parent.  As a parent of two boys myself, I understand how precious your time in the evening is.  With that said, the student led conferences are very efficient and concise for families.  The conference will not occupy your entire evening.  Once your conference time is over you can move on to the other events your family has scheduled for the night.

We are in the final stages of setting up our online schedule.  Once that is completed I will share out the online scheduler through my blog for families to signup for a conference time.

The middle school staff is very excited to see all of our families on October 18th!

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