CMS Academic Challenge: Update

The Cloverleaf Middle School Academic Challenge team demonstrated strong cohesion as they tallied a 6-1 record on their way to a runner-up finish at the Medina County Academic Challenge Tournament. Pictured are (L to R): Reese Barnett, Liam Stephens, Everett Parsons, Graham Powalie, and Preston Parsons.

CMS AC Medina County Academic Challenge Tournament

8th grade D.C. roommate form/trip rules submission reminder

Just a friendly reminder to our 8th grade students that roommate forms and trip rules must be submitted during lunch periods on either March 18th or 19th.  both forms MUST be signed by parents, and all students who are in the same room must submit their forms together in order for the forms to be accepted.  The submission of these forms on March 18th or 19th is very important because bus and chaperone assignment meetings will begin on March 21st to prepare for the trip.  

Forms are available in the main office if students have misplaced the forms that were initial handed out.  

Final Payment is due by March 18th.  

Please visit the following link if you need more information.  The CMS staff is very excited for the trip.  It is a wonderful experience for our students! 

Hunger Games to End Hunger

Starting March 11th and ending March 15th, Emerald Key will be leading a soup drive for the Lodi Community Family Center. This fabulous organization has many great programs for the community.  One of them is providing food for the elderly. They are in desperate need of soup right now, so what better time to have a soup drive! The theme for the soup drive is the Hunger Games to End Hunger! Students are encouraged to bring in as many cans of soup possible! 5 students from the winning team will be chosen  to smear a pie in the face of the tribute teachers from the non-winning districts. The biggest prize, though, is helping out our community. Thanks for your help, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Parent Forum: Student Cell Phone Access

The middle school is looking to make some changes to our student’s accessibility to cell phones during the school day for 2019-2020.   Recently, a Cell Phone Review Committee was created at the middle school, consisting of teachers, support staff, counselors, administrators, and our district nurse.

As a part of this review process, the committee will hold a forum for interested parents to attend.  The forum will focus on the results of the committee’s findings and provide parents the opportunity to share input with the committee to consider before a final decision is made for the 2019-2020 school year.

The Parent Forum will be held on Tuesday, March 12th from 5:30-6:30 PM in room 209. This is an open meeting, so no reservations are needed to attend. Please feel free to contact the main office with any questions.