2019 State Testing Information

Cloverleaf Middle School is approaching the 2019 State testing window.  Below I have listed the days, subjects, and grade levels for each test.

Due to the nature of our teaming schedule, students will be able to maintain their daily routines during testing with minimal disruption. This will decrease the loss of instructional time that has been experienced in past years.

To help ensure that your child is prepared to perform at their best, please make sure they get plenty of sleep the night before testing.  

April 16th English Language Arts (ELA) Part 1 6-8
April 17th English Language Arts (ELA) Part 2 6-8
April 23rd Math Part 1 6-8
April 24th Math Part 2 6-8
April 30th Science Part 1 8
May 1st Science Part 2 8

Teachers will be informing students in their classrooms of the specific details for the administration of each test.

If you have any questions about testing, please contact the main office at the Middle School at 330.302.0207

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