8th Grade Honor / Merit Roll

Honor Roll Merit Roll
Name Grade Name Grade
Armogida, Julia 8 Biskup, Tyler 8
Barczyk, Riley 8 Coffey, Jillian 8
Barker, Savannah 8 Cook, Kaylee 8
Bentler, Krista 8 Corbett, Tyler 8
Betts, Carter 8 DeCoster, Amy 8
Bohan, Mailley 8 Dombrowski, Kaitlyn 8
Brownson, Paige 8 Dunn, Ayden 8
Bundy, Liam 8 Fleming, Kaylee 8
Carske, Jaclyn 8 Funai, Colton 8
Carske, Kaitlyn 8 Goode, Caleb 8
Cavey, Aiden 8 Hall, Isaac 8
Cavey, Meghan 8 Hlucky, Kyle 8
Cherry, Kaylann 8 Jenkins, Connor 8
Crow, Alexis 8 Jones, Nyles 8
deLuna, Rylee 8 Kelley, Mikayla 8
Donohue, Aiden 8 Kilgore, Chase 8
Fijalkovich, Alec 8 Kinney, Heaven 8
Flanik, Emily 8 Kirby, Dilon 8
Foky, Stone 8 Letner, Austin 8
Funfgeld, Brenda 8 Lilly, Brynn 8
Genkin, Alice 8 Meckley, Jacob 8
George, Emily 8 Nespeca, James 8
Gogolin, Mackenzie 8 Noel, Jacob 8
Gold, Reese 8 Nosse, Autumn 8
Gorczyca, Dylan 8 Pritt, Emily 8
Gucker, Brett 8 Ribnikar, Jordan 8
Harding, Branson 8 Skelton, Avery 8
Harvey, DeLayna 8 Slota, Caleb 8
Haught-Sharp, Emma 8 Strebel, Corinne 8
Hayhurst, Aubrie 8 Tausch, Shelby 8
Herdman, Vladimir 8 Weber, Ileana 8
Hilton, Elisabeth 8 Wittman, Cullen 8
Himes, Yuri 8 Wurgler, Dale 8
Hitchcock, Connor 8
Homan, Kaden 8
Houk, Leah 8
Hustick, Skyler 8
Jensch, Zachary 8
Jerome, William 8
Kemp, Oakley 8
Lloyd, Brock 8
Lormeau, Annabelle 8
Malikowski, Emma 8
Mason, Noah 8
McGarry, Jenna 8
McMullen, Rhett 8
Musick, Blake 8
Myers, Abigail 8
Naples, Nathan 8
Neville, Cora 8
Norris, Ava 8
Norris, Jonah 8
Ortega Wheland, Eden 8
Otterbacher, Madilyn 8
Paladenic, Cameron 8
Parsons, Preston 8
Payne, Caleb 8
Pesata, Connor 8
Phillips, Aubrey 8
Pintos, Isabella 8
Powalie, Graham 8
Reed, Jack 8
Render, Sara 8
Scherz, Danielle 8
Scislo, Michael 8
Shimko, Jennifer 8
Simpson, Marjorie 8
Sincich, Mya 8
Slife, Ashley 8
Smith, Morgan 8
Sparks, Morgan 8
Spinder, Karley 8
Stallings, Hunter 8
Stallings, Rose 8
Stephens, Liam 8
Stoner, Alyssa 8
Strasser, Hailey 8
Strehle, Gwendolyn 8
Tabor, McKenna 8
Valencia, Jose 8
Vasel, Madison 8
Vaughn, Ethan 8
Walker, Fayth 8
Warholic, Joseph 8
Washinger, Amy 8
Whitacre, Allison 8
Winget, Emma 8
Workman, Jordan 8
Yagersz, James 8
Zufan, Cody 8

7th Grade Honor / Merit Roll

Honor Roll
Name Grade Name Grade
Baldwin, Ava 7 Arnold, Melody 7
Baltic, Isaac 7 Atkinson, Gamble 7
Barnett, Reese 7 Baginski, Ruth 7
Blaha, Thomas 7 Baker, Anne 7
Brandt, Victoria 7 Bateman, Hayden 7
Bresnahan, Dylan 7 Biskup, Logan 7
Bunner, Austin 7 Catlin, Alyssa 7
Colahan, Gabrielle 7 Cheshier, Collin 7
Craddock, Tristan 7 Cieslinski, Peyton 7
Crites, Kiersten 7 Dezarn, Garrett 7
Davis, Garrett 7 Donohue, Hailey 7
DeMell, Kourtni 7 Durham, Erin 7
Donofrio, Emily 7 Fry, Aron 7
Evans, Riley 7 Gasper, Talon 7
Fijalkovich, Abigail 7 Hall, Olivia 7
Frasz, Isabella 7 Hendrock, Kaylee 7
Goldsberry, Grace 7 Jason, Mallory 7
Gruber, Aidan 7 Kemp, Easton 7
Gucker, Brooke 7 Knapp, Jarrett 7
Hein, Mackenzie 7 Kulas, Morgan 7
Hill, Kylie 7 Lesniak, Hannah 7
Hoff, Rosalin 7 Lightner, Joseph 7
Jackman, Brady 7 McMillan, Aidan 7
James, Emma 7 McNeal, Collin 7
Jarvis, Hayden 7 Milbrandt, Holly 7
Jensch, Lauren 7 Miller, Jeris 7
Johnson, Ashton 7 Morrison, Dyllan 7
Jones, Sydney 7 Petersen, Donna 7
Knapp, Megan 7 Plunkett, Holly 7
Kogler, Allyson 7 Riggs, Kaden 7
Kott, Avery 7 Riley, Brodie 7
Kreider, Karoline 7 Rubes, Evan 7
Lipka, Branden 7 Scharfenberg, Kiara 7
Manbeck, Emma 7 Sivapatham, Anjali 7
Massie, Nevaeh 7 Smith, Courtney 7
Matheny, Kaylee 7 Smith, Nathan 7
May, Alissa 7 Snyder, Morgan 7
McConnell, Peyton 7 Spencer, Radley 7
McMaster, Brianna 7 Stepp, Veronica 7
McQuown, Grace 7 Watts, Xavier 7
Motz, Carson 7 Wilson, Kemp 7
Naftzger, Sarah 7
Pavlovicz, Grace 7
Peacock, Jace 7
Petrocci, Gabriella 7
Petrocci, Griffin 7
Petrocci, Sophia 7
Pittman, Medora 7
Randall, Alexander 7
Rogalski, William 7
Scherler, Sidney 7
Schultz, Frederick 7
Sivapatham, Dhevan 7
Snyder, Madison 7
Stensaker, Elizabeth 7
Strader, Brooke 7
Stutz, Shealynn 7
Swiney, Reese 7
Thur, Alan 7
Vaughn, Claire 7
Walkuski, Brianna 7
Yagersz, Allison 7
Yagersz, Jonathan 7
Young, Chase 7

6th Grade Honor/Merit Roll

Honor Roll Merit Roll
Name Grade Name Grade
Archer, Leah 6 Baughman, Anastasia 6
Armogida, Joseph 6 Behunin, Azlynn 6
Barczyk, Ronan 6 Benson, Logan 6
Beers, Madeline 6 Blankenship, Kylar 6
Bohan, Mallory 6 Bogucki, Tristin 6
Brooks, Hunter 6 Bundy, Aiden 6
Brownson, Zackary 6 Busch, Dylan 6
Campbell, Kierston 6 Carpenter, Brenna 6
Cavey, Brooklyn 6 Cesareo, Joseph 6
Dell, Kylie 6 Collins, Adrianna 6
Deyling, Joseph 6 Combs, Clay 6
Ellebruch, Logan 6 Cooper, Bryce 6
Fike, Lydia 6 Dudsak, Kylee 6
Foky, Saige 6 Dye, Jaden 6
Foley, Sarah 6 Gainer, Savannah 6
Gasper, Natalie 6 Genkin, Claire 6
Gibson, Callee 6 Gregoire, Peyton 6
Gray, Abagale 6 Harrod, Natalie 6
Hibler, Emma 6 Hendrock, Alivia 6
Hines, Taylor 6 Hill, Megan 6
Hlavaty, Shane 6 Irwin, Emma 6
Hlucky, Troy 6 Jordan, Taylor 6
Homan, Jase 6 Kirby, Isabel 6
Izzo, Gabriella 6 Koran, Adam 6
Josefczyk, Bailey 6 Lear, Ava 6
Judson, Elinor 6 Lloyd, Brennen 6
Kirby, Samantha 6 Mackey, McKenna 6
Kitchen, Christine 6 Matheney, Annalyse 6
Koval, Derek 6 Mencke, Emerson 6
Lassiter, Jessyka 6 Moore, Kirsten 6
Leonard, Addison 6 Nagy, Julia 6
Letner, Jordan 6 Newman, Cameron 6
Malikowski, Nathan 6 Novick, Rylee 6
McAfee, Claire 6 Patterson, Gavynn 6
McConnell, Presly 6 Petersen, Caius 6
McKenzie, Erianna 6 Porras, Alejandro 6
Mencke, Lillian 6 Porter, Owen 6
Monhemius, Vanessa 6 Powell, Kameron 6
Moran, Martin 6 Robertson, Haley 6
Myers, Benjamin 6 Roush, Lucille 6
Nicholson, Andrew 6 Tompkins, Krista 6
Offenberger, Alannah 6 Trevino, Ava 6
Parsons, Everett 6 Villoni, Hayley 6
Pelka, Irelyn 6 Voelker, David 6
Percy, Noah 6 Waggaman, Makenna 6
Pottebaum, Alexandria 6 Weigle, Zoey 6
Price, Owen 6 Whisman, Lexi 6
Raynor, Hunter 6 Zayed, Amina 6
Rich, Josephine 6 Zelenka, Lauren 6
Richardson, Lillian 6
Rivera, Anthony 6
Roberts, Stephanie 6
Salyer, Bryson 6
Seiwerth, Mackenzie 6
Shimko, Jasmine 6
Stallings, Gwen 6
Stephens, Asa 6
Stout, Riley 6
Tolley, Margaret 6
Tomasko, Sophia 6
Tryon, Dawson 6
Webb, Izak 6
Wertman, Shannon 6
Whitehair, Carter 6
Wittman, Dylan 6
Zirkle, Royce 6

Another Amazing Year!!!

It is hard to believe that today is the conclusion of another amazing school year.  It has been a blessing to observe the growth of our students throughout the year.  I want to thank our families for the incredible support you have provided to our staff over the year.  Educating students is truly a community effort!

As we quickly approach our traditional early release on the last day of school (12:36 PM) the middle school staff wants to wish your family a wonderful and relaxing summer!

…. And They’re Off!

The 8th grade students successfully departed this morning for Washington D.C.!

I shared with the students and chaperones that if they wished to share pictures of the trip they can post them on the school Twitter account @MadiganCMS

Click here for the trip itinerary.

Click on the link below if you wish to track the buses on the trip. You will need to enter this Trip ID 432659 when you visit the link



8th Grade Washington DC Trip

It is almost time!  I included a link for the weather forecast below.  Looks like you’ll have nice temperatures and small percentages of rain, so hopefully that holds true!  I also included a link where you are able to track the motor coach throughout the trip.

As always, if you need anything, just call or email!!!!


Click on the link (active from departure to return, not prior) and enter this Trip ID 433871


Friendly Reminders:

  • Follow all rules and expectations of adult chaperones on the trip!
  • You are permitted 1 carry on (small bag) and one suitcase (for under the bus).
  • ALL student code of conduct rules apply during the duration of the trip.  Please keep dress code in mind when packing.
  • Consider the weather when packing- check the link above.
  • You are encouraged to pack a poncho in case of rain.
  • Gaming systems are not permitted.
  • Any drinks on the bus must have a resealable cap and CANNOT contain dairy products.
  • You are encouraged to pack addition shoes/socks in case of rain.
  • You will be representing our school district on your trip.  Please carry yourself in a respectful and courteous manner.
  • If you wish to see pictures and follow the students on their trip you can follow @MadiganCMS on Twitter.

Have a fantastic trip!!!!

Music in the Parks Festival

This past Saturday, our 8th grade band and choir performed at the “Music in the Parks’ festival in Huron, OH in front of live audiences and professional music adjudicators. 

With over 15 performing groups in our circuit, we are so excited to share that the choir received an excellent rating and placed 3rd in their division! The band received a superior rating, placed 1st in their division, and was also awarded “Best Overall!” Our students work hard in and out of the classroom, and we are so proud of their accomplishments. 

6th Grade Band and Choir Information for 2019-2020

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

On Monday, May 20th , our CLS band and choir teachers will be visiting the elementary school to give 5th graders a presentation on selecting their music class in middle school. All incoming 6th graders will be required to take either band or choir. After our presentation, we will have time for each child to try-out various instruments throughout the day, and we will help them select the best instrument for them, should they wish to enroll in band as their music class.

On this day, all 5th graders will be distributed a “6th Grade Music Class Enrollment” form when they go through the instrument testing demonstration. This form will need to be completed and returned to their teacher by the following Friday (5/24).

EVERY STUDENT MUST RETURN A FORM – our guidance counselor will not
“guess place” anyone who does not return the form.

Also, please note that we will hold a 6th Grade Beginning Band Informational Meeting
on Wednesday, May 22nd at 6:30 PM in the CMS Gym immediately following
Spring Open House. We will be answering/addressing the most commonly asked questions and providing you with all the details you will need if your child would like to sign up for band next year in middle school.

In addition, representatives from Pellegrino Music Center (who will also be helping your child make instrument selections during school on the 20th) will be there to answer any questions you may have about instrument rental. You can even take care of all of your child’s needs (instrument/book/supplies) “on-the-spot” that evening with nothing else to worry about… they will deliver everything to your child in school when we start back up in August!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or phone:

joseph.fudale@cloverleaflocal.org | (330) 948-2500 x20217
Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!


Mr. Joe Fudale
Cloverleaf Middle School Band Director