8th Grade Washington DC Trip

It is almost time!  I included a link for the weather forecast below.  Looks like you’ll have nice temperatures and small percentages of rain, so hopefully that holds true!  I also included a link where you are able to track the motor coach throughout the trip.

As always, if you need anything, just call or email!!!!


Click on the link (active from departure to return, not prior) and enter this Trip ID 433871


Friendly Reminders:

  • Follow all rules and expectations of adult chaperones on the trip!
  • You are permitted 1 carry on (small bag) and one suitcase (for under the bus).
  • ALL student code of conduct rules apply during the duration of the trip.  Please keep dress code in mind when packing.
  • Consider the weather when packing- check the link above.
  • You are encouraged to pack a poncho in case of rain.
  • Gaming systems are not permitted.
  • Any drinks on the bus must have a resealable cap and CANNOT contain dairy products.
  • You are encouraged to pack addition shoes/socks in case of rain.
  • You will be representing our school district on your trip.  Please carry yourself in a respectful and courteous manner.
  • If you wish to see pictures and follow the students on their trip you can follow @MadiganCMS on Twitter.

Have a fantastic trip!!!!

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