Washington D.C. Information

We are busy at work planning for the 8th grade trip to Washington D.C., which is schedule for May 18th-20th. Communication throughout the year is critical to make sure our trip is a success.

At the top of the blog is a link titled “Washington D.C. Information”. Please visit the link for a list of important dates and paperwork. If you have any questions throughout the year please contact the middle school office at 330.302.0206.

For your convenience, Click Here to access the Washington D.C. Information link.

8th Grade Chromebook Warranty Information

The school district is extending warranty options to families of 8th grade students who have received a Chromebook as part of the district’s one-to-one roll out this fall. Below is a link to a letter that explains the different warranty options that parents can select. The warranties are strictly option. There is no requirement for families to purchase any of the warranties outlined in the letter below.

Link to 2019-2020 8th grade Chromebook Warranty Information

Chipotle Post Prom Fundraiser

Please consider supporting the Cloverleaf High School Post Prom by visiting Chipotle next Saturday. It is a good opportunity to enjoy so good food and help out our Cloverleaf students at the same time. You will need the coupon with you at the time of your visit. I have placed an image below for you. I have also included a link to the coupon if you need to print it. Enjoy!

Link to Cloverleaf Post Prom Chipotle Fundraiser

Behavior Report Card

Parents, you may have noticed over that past couple of days some new marks for your child in Progress Book. In middle school, we focused on a variety of areas of student growth (academic, social, emotional, and appropriate behavior). To this end, CMS has fully implemented a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) program. For a brief overview of what PBIS is click here.

When students struggle in an academic area we teach them. When students struggle with their behavior we want to take the same approach. We want to teach students what the behavior expectations are, monitor it, and provide feedback as to how they are meeting the expectations.

With that said, CMS has implemented an additional report card this year that will provide behavior feedback to both students and parents. It is important to know that the behavior report card is feedback regarding student behavior only and has no impact on the academic portion of a students GPA or high school credit. At the end of each quarter students will receive an academic report card and a behavior report card.

With the exception of the first quarter of this year, Students will be rated three times during each grading period in the three different behavior areas. The first quarter however students will only be rated twice. The three behavior area that students will be rated on are as follows:

  • Problem solving/critical thinking
  • Attitude
  • Communication

The ratings in each of the three areas range from 1-3:

  • 1- Beginner
  • 2- Developing
  • 3- Proficient

In most cases students will fall into the “Developing” area because at this age they are still learning and developing good habits. So, please do not let the rating of a 2 or “Developing” serve as a major concern. Obviously, if you have a question regarding a behavior mark please reach out to your child’s teacher.

To see the building wide Behavior Report Card Rubric click here

The middle school staff feels that the behavior report card provides one more opportunity to communicate with families about the growth and development of their child.

Upcoming CMS Home Events

Volleyball: 9/11, 9/16. 9/23, 9/30, 10/2
Monday’s 7th plays first Wednesday’s 8th plays first
Football: 9/25 ( 2 games )  10/9 (1 game)  Tailgate event and community bonfire after  game 10/23 ( 2 games)Game are scheduled to start at 4:30
Band.Choir: 9/27/19 – 8th Grade Band “Marching Night” side-by-side with HS Marching Band at Friday night home game (7 pm) 11/7 – 11/8 – Ohio Music Education Association’s District VI Honors Band @ College of Wooster (TBA – if I choose to nominate kids and they happen to be accepted) 12/12/19 – 6th and 7th Grade Bands Winter Concert (7 pm)
Cross Country: 9/21

Meet CMS Staff: Mrs. Garnett and Miss. Maag

Meet Garnet Chester, she is a paraprofessional that is in charge of study hall.  She has worked at Cloverleaf Schools for twelve years. Although she is a graduate of Black River, her husband and children are graduates of Cloverleaf.  Garnett loves being outdoors bow hunting or fishing. She loves working at Cloverleaf because of the people she works with and the pride they have for our district.

Meet Elizabeth Maag, she is an intervention specialist in the eighth grade.  This is her third year at Cloverleaf Middle School. Elizabeth is very close with her family, parents, four older brothers, and six nieces and nephews.  She loves to bake and always shares her desserts with the staff. She loves working at Cloverleaf because she loves the teaming approach and how that impacts students.  Elizabeth chose education as her career because she wants to help students build confidence in their abilities.