Meet CMS Staff: Mrs. Garnett and Miss. Maag

Meet Garnet Chester, she is a paraprofessional that is in charge of study hall.  She has worked at Cloverleaf Schools for twelve years. Although she is a graduate of Black River, her husband and children are graduates of Cloverleaf.  Garnett loves being outdoors bow hunting or fishing. She loves working at Cloverleaf because of the people she works with and the pride they have for our district.

Meet Elizabeth Maag, she is an intervention specialist in the eighth grade.  This is her third year at Cloverleaf Middle School. Elizabeth is very close with her family, parents, four older brothers, and six nieces and nephews.  She loves to bake and always shares her desserts with the staff. She loves working at Cloverleaf because she loves the teaming approach and how that impacts students.  Elizabeth chose education as her career because she wants to help students build confidence in their abilities.  

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