Meet CMS Staff: Mrs. Riley and Mrs. Ratliff

Meet Andrea Riley, she is an intervention specialist in the eighth grade.  This is her 22nd year at Cloverleaf. Andrea has been married 20 years to her husband with whom she met in the 6th grade.  They have three children and a golden retriever named Copper. They love boating, water sports, and camping. She loves working at Cloverleaf because of staff, students, and the supportive Cloverleaf community.  Andrea chose education because teaching fit her strengths and personality and she decided to work with students with special needs because her cousin has down syndrome and a friend growing up had autism.  

Meet Lara Ratliff, she is a paraprofessional in Academic Assist.  She has worked at Cloverleaf for 4 years and had subbed for several years prior.  She has been married for 24 years and has three amazing children. She is an avid computer gamer and an adult advisor for a Junior Sorority.  She loves working at Cloverleaf Middle School because she loves the staff and the way they take care of each other. Lara chose education because she found that watching the kids find success, even small ones was a wonderful feeling.  She loves to celebrate their successes and encourage them when they need an ear.

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