7th Grade Career Education

Dear Parents, 

Your child’s education and future career success is important to us! We recently collaborated with your school to conduct a career exploration activity with all 7th grade students. 

How did it work? Students… 

  • Viewed a short video about various career options. 
  • Played The Career Game, which is a survey-type booklet that reveals students’ interests and strengths to determine their career type. 
  • Participated in a group discussion about their career type. During this conversation we discussed what kinds of careers might be a good match for them and various pathways to move toward their future career goals. 

Your student has a copy of their Career Game booklet. We hope you and your student have the opportunity to review it together, continue their career conversation and start developing a plan for their future career success. 

If you have any questions about our career exploration activity or the Medina County Career Center, please do not hesitate to reach out. 
Thank you!

Rachel Juszczyk and Danielle McMaster
Medina County Career Center
330-725-8461  | rjuszczyk@mcjvs.edu  | dmcmaster@mcjvs.edu

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