Fox 8 Cool School News Story

After a community wide effort to support Cloverleaf Middle School as the Cool School of the Week, we had the opportunity to show off our building on Fox 8 News this morning. The Fox 8 News crew was very impressed with our students and staff. There were several positive comments made by the news team about the kind and welcoming environment that exists at CMS.

In addition to the Newscast highlighting CMS, two of our 8th graders also participated live in studio in the Coffee Quiz. Our students proved to be ready for the challenge, by answering the Coffee Quiz correctly! If you missed this mornings newscast with the Coffee Quiz I will share the link when it becomes available on this post.

I feel very fortunate to work for a school district with such great community support, strong families, talented students, and dedicated staff. It was a joy to be able to show the area what it means to be a Colt!

If you missed this morning’s newscast, the story will air again at 4:00 PM during the afternoon broadcast.

Fox 8 in studio pictures

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