2020 CMS Valentines' Day Dance

Date: February 7th, 2020

Time: 2:45 pm – 5:00 pm

Where: CMS Gym

Cost: $5.00 (Purchase ticket during lunch January 30th thru February 5th)

Come enjoy a fun afternoon of dancing, games and socializing. Bring some additional money as there will be pizza and snacks for an additional cost. Parents should promptly, at 5:00 pm, please pick your child(ren) up in the CMS parking lot promptly at 5:00pm.

CMS Winter Conferences


Cloverleaf Middle School will be hosting Winter conferences for parents on January 23rd from 4:00-8:00 PM. As has been done in previous years, parents will use the following link to schedule a conference time.

Unlike Fall conferences that are student led, Winter conferences are one on one meetings between the parent and the teacher. Please reach out to your child’s teacher with additional questions.

When you click on the link to schedule a conference, additional details about the evening will be provided.

Click Here to schedule a conference

American Heart Association Challenge

Hello Parents,

Our school is participating in a community service-learning program called American Heart Challenge to benefit the American Heart Association. For the next month (1/14-2/14), students are challenged to do one of the following:  1) Switch from sugary drinks to water, 2) Exercise for 1 hour every day during the challenge, or 3) Say no to smoking or vaping. We want to help our students reach out to family and friends to spread awareness about heart disease and stroke, while raising vital funds for heart health research. 

To get started: go to https://www2.heart.org/site/SPageNavigator/ahc_resources_search.html, search for Cloverleaf Middle School and select Sign Up to join our team. On the website, students can register, choose their challenge for the month, create their own web page for the program. They will then personalize their page on why heart health is important and how supporting the American Heart Association can help save lives. Each student can email or text their web page as a secure link to family and friends asking for their support during the Challenge, which ends on February 14th. Additionally, our school is eligible to receive certificates for free PE equipment from the American Heart Association, as well as the ability to apply for grants for participating in the American Heart Challenge.  

Meal Train for Middle School Family

Over the winter break, one of our Cloverleaf Middle School students, Isabel Kirby, encountered a significant health issue. Her story is located at the following Meal Train link. The Meal Train link provides details of Isabel’s story and updates on her progress. It also provides the opportunity for the community to support the family during this difficult time by providing a home cooked meal for them.

Isabel Kirby’s Meal Train Link

Isabel has a long road ahead of her, but she is a very strong young lady with a great attitude and spirit about her. With that said, even the strongest people need the support of others. Please keep her family in your thoughts, and consider assisting them in any way you can.

After I shared the original post above, Channel 5 News shared Isabel’s story on their evening news cast. Visit the link below to view the story.


8th Grade Honor / Merit Roll

Honor RollQ2Merit RollQ2
Baltic, Isaac8Arnold, Melody8
Barnett, Reese8Baginski, Ruth8
Bazemore, Emma8Blaha, Thomas8
Bohner, Samuel8Bohner, Samuel8
Brandt, Victoria8Brezina, Zoe8
Bresnahan, Dylan8Catlin, Alyssa8
Colahan, Gabrielle8Cieslinski, Peyton8
Craddock, Tristan8Colahan, Gabrielle8
Crites, Kiersten8Crites, Kiersten8
Donofrio, Emily8Davis, Garrett8
Evans, Riley8DeMell, Kourtni8
Fijalkovich, Abigail8Donohue, Hailey8
Goldsberry, Grace8Drake, Graeme8
Gucker, Brooke8Durham, Erin8
Heller, Nicholas8Fijalkovich, Abigail8
Jackman, Brady8Forbes, Logan8
James, Emma8Frasz, Isabella8
Jarvis, Hayden8Gasper, Cael8
Jensch, Lauren8Gruber, Aidan8
Johnson, Ashton8Hayhurst, Grayson8
Jones, Sydney8Hoff, Rosalin8
Knapp, Megan8James, Emma8
Kogler, Allyson8Jarvis, Hayden8
Kott, Avery8Jason, Mallory8
Lipka, Branden8Jensch, Lauren8
Manbeck, Emma8Johnson, Ashton8
May, Alissa8Keener, Brody8
McConnell, Peyton8Kulas, Morgan8
McMaster, Brianna8Lesniak, Hannah8
McQuown, Grace8Lightner, Joseph8
Naftzger, Sarah8Lipka, Branden8
Patterson, Nathan8Matheny, Kaylee8
Peacock, Jace8May, Alissa8
Petersen, Donna8McMillan, Aidan8
Petrocci, Gabriella8McNeal, Collin8
Petrocci, Griffin8Miller, Jeris8
Petrocci, Sophia8Motz, Carson8
Pittman, Medora8Patterson, Nathan8
Randall, Alexander8Pavlovicz, Grace8
Riggs, Kaden8Peacock, Jace8
Scherler, Sidney8Petersen, Donna8
Schultz, Frederick8Riggs, Kaden8
Shieff, Cassandra8Rogalski, William8
Snyder, Madison8Shieff, Cassandra8
Steele, Terry8Sivapatham, Dhevan8
Stensaker, Elizabeth8Smith, Nathan8
Vaughn, Claire8Snyder, Morgan8
Walkuski, Brianna8Steele, Terry8
Yagersz, Allison8Stepp, Veronica8
Young, Chase8Stutz, Shealynn8
8Yagersz, Jonathan8

7th Grade Honor / Merit Roll

Honor RollQ2Merit RollQ2
Armogida, Joseph7Baughman, Anastasia7
Barczyk, Ronan7Behunin, Azlynn7
Beers, Madeline7Benson, Logan7
Bohan, Mallory7Bogucki, Tristin7
Brooks, Hunter7Bowman, Joshua7
Brownson, Zackary7Brown, Taleah7
Campbell, Kierston7Bundy, Aiden7
Cavey, Brooklyn7Carpenter, Brenna7
Deyling, Joseph7Christenson, Alexandra7
Ellebruch, Logan7Collins, Adrianna7
Fike, Lydia7Combs, Clay7
Foky, Saige7Crocker, Ethan7
Foley, Sarah7Dell, Kylie7
Gasper, Natalie7Fortney, Camrin7
Gibson, Callee7Gregoire, Peyton7
Gray, Abagale7Hines, Taylor7
Groetz, Addison7Irwin, Emma7
Hendrock, Alivia7Judson, Elinor7
Hibler, Emma7Keller, Sarah7
Hlucky, Troy7Kirby, Isabel7
Homan, Jase7Kitchen, Christine7
Izzo, Gabriella7Koran, Adam7
Jordan, Taylor7Laney, Nataly7
Josefczyk, Bailey7Lear, Ava7
Kelly, Sarah7Lloyd, Brennen7
Kirby, Samantha7Mackey, McKenna7
Koval, Derek7Matheney, Annalyse7
Lassiter, Jessyka7Mencke, Lillian7
Leonard, Addison7Moore, Kirsten7
Letner, Jordan7Moran, Martin7
Lin, Cindy7Porras, Alejandro7
Malikowski, Nathan7Porter, Owen7
McAfee, Claire7Roush, Lucille7
McConnell, Presly7Senz, Tyler7
McKenzie, Erianna7Tolley, Margaret7
Mencke, Emerson7Tomasko, Sophia7
Monhemius, Vanessa7Turk, Breydon7
Myers, Benjamin7Villoni, Hayley7
Nagy, Julia7Voelker, David7
Novick, Rylee7Waggaman, Makenna7
Parsons, Everett7Wertman, Shannon7
Patterson, Gavynn7Woyma, Cameron7
Pelka, Irelyn7Zirkle, Royce7
Percy, Noah7
Price, Owen7
Rich, Josephine7
Richardson, Lillian7
Rivera, Anthony7
Roberts, Stephanie7
Robertson, Haley7
Salyer, Bryson7
Seiwerth, Mackenzie7
Shimko, Jasmine7
Siordia, Isabela7
Stallings, Gwen7
Stephens, Asa7
Stout, Riley7
Tryon, Dawson7
Webb, Izak7
Weigle, Zoey7
Whitehair, Carter7
Wittman, Dylan7
Zayed, Amina7

6th Grade Honor / Merit Roll

Honor RollQ2Merit RollQ2
Barth, Genevieve6Adams, Brody6
Bohner, Desiauna6Back, Alexander6
Brentlinger, Ava6Blackburn, Saphira6
Burke, Caleb6Bohner, Oliver6
Carwana, Danah6Courie, Trevor6
Clark, Madison6Farren, Annie6
Craddock, Berkeley6Fondale, Rocco6
Croft, Alyson6Gainer, Huckleberry6
Crow, Merrin6Grayshaw, Destiny6
Cummings, Jaxon6Hamilton, Ethan6
Dalton, Avrielle6Herdman, Vladislav6
Dawson, Jillian6Hinderman, Russell6
Decoster, Ethan6Hirko, Maegan6
Dennis, Tyler6Kreider, Jayce6
Depew, Gia6Maslyyak, Ieva6
Dobson, Addison6Morrison, Jennah6
Drake, Xavier6Murphy, Sean6
Durham, Keira6Normant, Chloe6
Elkevizth, Estella6Potter, Dixie6
Evans, Addison6Rivera, Elias6
Fauss, Clinton6Saksa, Colin6
Forbes, Gavin6Shetterly, Payten6
Gray, Ethan6Spencer, Olivia6
Hankins, Gage6Sprankle, Austin6
James, Jackson6Wahl, Jackson6
Johnson, Tristen6Yagersz, Brooke6
Kane, Kyle6
Kerr, Collin6
Klann, Anna6
Knapp, Logan6
Kurtz, Isaiah6
Letner, Logan6
Lloyd, Jozie6
McNeal, Austin6
Mencke, Lucas6
Miller, James6
Mion, Nathan6
Nau, Dominic6
Neville, Caleb6
Norris, Lilah6
Popiel, Simon6
Reed, Austin6
Remaley, Luke6
Richards, Logan6
Riley, Jordyn6
Rubes, Owen6
Saunders, Juliana6
Seidowsky, Tyler6
Shook, Kayla6
Sitko, Caroline6
Smith, Walker6
Sokolowski, Eryka6
Stoyko, Reagan6
Thomas, Hailey6
Thompson, Jayden6
Topola, Abigail6
Walters, Raina6
Wershing, Alex6
Whitacre, Bailey6
Woodrum, Rhionna6
Young, Braylon6
Zammert, Aaron6

Meet CMS Staff: Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Gunkelman

Meet Missy Henderson, she is a Paraprofessional.   She has worked for Cloverleaf for nine years and she assists the Middle School Drama Club Adviser.  She previously held a Property/Casualty Insurance License with the State of Ohio. She loves working at Cloverleaf because of the students.  She was thrilled to become a part of the Cloverleaf Schools staff. Although, the staff at our school work together to provide our students with an education that will propel them to high school, she also tries to understand and learn from the students while they are here at CMS.  Missy chose education because Children are our future. She has worked outside of the school system and is familiar with the demands, expectations and budgets involved in the aspects of many types of businesses and occupations. She wants to be part of a school staff who considers what is best for each and every child and that keeps that their first priority.   

Meet Julie Gunkelman, she is an eighth grade mathematics teacher.  She has been with Cloverleaf for twenty-one years. She graduated from Buckeye High school and went to college at Bowling Green University and Marygrove.  She has four children, one dog, and lots of cows. Julie is married to a 5th generation dairy farmer and has to take care of the calves every morning before school.   Julie loves working at Cloverleaf because she enjoys all the students and staff and loves the greetings and the family atmosphere. She chose education because she had some awesome math teachers in high school, who helped her fall in love with the beauty of math and wants to share that with others.