American Heart Association Challenge

Hello Parents,

Our school is participating in a community service-learning program called American Heart Challenge to benefit the American Heart Association. For the next month (1/14-2/14), students are challenged to do one of the following:  1) Switch from sugary drinks to water, 2) Exercise for 1 hour every day during the challenge, or 3) Say no to smoking or vaping. We want to help our students reach out to family and friends to spread awareness about heart disease and stroke, while raising vital funds for heart health research. 

To get started: go to, search for Cloverleaf Middle School and select Sign Up to join our team. On the website, students can register, choose their challenge for the month, create their own web page for the program. They will then personalize their page on why heart health is important and how supporting the American Heart Association can help save lives. Each student can email or text their web page as a secure link to family and friends asking for their support during the Challenge, which ends on February 14th. Additionally, our school is eligible to receive certificates for free PE equipment from the American Heart Association, as well as the ability to apply for grants for participating in the American Heart Challenge.  

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