Meet CMS Staff: Mrs. Knapp and Mrs. Petrak

Meet Sallee Knapp, she is a paraprofessional.  She has worked for Cloverleaf for seven years and is the CMS Cheer Coach and CMS PTO President.  She is a graduate of Cloverleaf and also a Dental Hygienist.  She is married and has three children, one at each of the Cloverleaf buildings.  She was part of the 6th generation to grow up on a family owned dairy farm that her ancestors established in 1835.  She loves working at Cloverleaf because the staff at CMS is awesome! The staff members interact with and help each other, which creates a positive atmosphere for the students. Sallee has chosen education because she  wanted to be more active in her children’s education.  

Meet Alexandra Petrak, she is a foreign language teacher for sixth, seventh and eighth grades.  This is her first year at Cloverleaf, but she has been teaching for 12 years. She graduated from Medina High school and obtained her Master’s from Baldwin Wallace.  Alexandra is married and has a cat Mocha. She can play the violin and has been to Europe five times.  She loves working at Cloverleaf because everyone is friendly and welcoming. Alexandra chose education because she enjoys teaching and helping people, especially to learn another language in order to open new ideas and cultures to them that they may have never known existed.

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