CMS Heart Challenge

Parents, our students are in the middle of the heart challenge which runs through February 14th. Our fundraising goal for the Heart Challenge is $5,000. It will take a school wide effort to get there.

We have currently raised $330 so we have a ways to go, but we know we can do it!  If we meet our goal, we will have made a significant difference in others lives, and our school will also receive $500 in gym supplies! 

Student who raise $10 will receive a wristband honoring their contribution to help another person who is in need.

New to the challenge and just announced to the students is the Heart Challenge Art Contest.  The top 10 winners will receive a FREE ticket to the CMS Valentine’s Dance!

It’s really easy to participate, students just create a piece of artwork depicting either their personal goal during the Heart Challenge or the theme “A healthy heart, make the choice, a healthy school use your voice!” Each student can only submit one design.  Submissions should be submitted to Mrs. Miracle or Mrs. Esakov in the Guidance Office and are due by the end of lunch on Wednesday, February 5th for judging later that day.

Please encourage your child to participate in the Heart Challenge in any way they can. No contribution is too small as we work toward our $5,000 goal!

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