Meet CMS Staff: Miss McGreer and Mrs. Manix

Meet Megan McGreer, she is a sixth grade Mathematics teacher.  She has been with Cloverleaf for six years. She graduated from Brunswick High School and continued her education at Notre Dame College.  She comes from a big family, where she is the youngest of six kids. She also has six nieces and five nephews. Megan loves working at Cloverleaf because she has been able to work with some of the most wonderful people, and she is lucky to have such funny and kind students with such diverse interests.  It keeps every day interesting. She chose education because she has always loved working with kids. She was a swimming teacher in high school and college, and she knew she wanted to work with kids in her career.

Meet Kim Manix, she is a Special Education Instructional Coach.  She has worked for Cloverleaf for 25 years and is a Cheerleading Coach, Yearbook Advisor, and Special Ed Department Head.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Education at Bowling Green State University and a Master’s Degree in Education in Administration at the University of Toledo.  She is married to the best ELA teacher at Cloverleaf Middle School (Mr. Manix) and has two children. She used to go on backpacking trips with Mr. Manix. She loves working at Cloverleaf because of the friendly, supportive atmosphere.  The teachers are always striving to take education to the next level. Kim chose education, because she knew she could make a difference in a student’s life.

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