Meet CMS Staff: Miss Spape and Mr. Wilson

Meet Lauren Spape, she is an eight grade mathematics teacher.  This is her first year at Cloverleaf, as she graduated from the University of Akron in 2019.  She has family that lives close, with whom she loves to spend time with on the weekends. She has a pet hedgehog named Theo.  She loves working at Cloverleaf Middle School because of the friendly, outgoing staff who make it easy to call Cloverleaf “home”.  Lauren chose education because during high school she had a math teacher that opened her eyes to the versatility of mathematics. She inspired her to want to share her love of math to others and encourage them to get excited about math as well. 

Meet Dominic Wilson, he is a sixth grade Science teacher.  He has been with Cloverleaf for three years. He graduated from Chippewa High School and continued his education at Cleveland State University.  Dominic is a blessed husband to an incredible wife and they have two awesome dogs. In his spare time he spends as much time as he can fishing from a kayak.  He loves working at Cloverleaf because of the small community feel. It is similar to the high school he went to, which makes it feel like home. Dominic chose education, because of educators he had in the past. They stepped up for him when he needed it and he feels the need to be present and willing to step up for any kids who may need the same. 

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