Meet CMS Staff: Mrs McQuate and Mr. Wachtel

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Meet Renee McQuate, she is a sixth grade Science teacher.  She has worked for Cloverleaf for 29 years and she is a district lead mentor and team leader.  She graduated from Midview High School and then received her Master’s degree from Kent State University.  She has been married to her husband for 28 years and has a son and a daughter. In her spare time she enjoys working at Blossom Music Center.  She loves working at Cloverleaf because it is a place where teachers can be both individuals and part of teams. Renee chose education because she has always wanted to be a teacher.  There was never really anything else. 

Meet Ron Wachtel, he is a Technology Teacher.  He has worked for Cloverleaf for 22 years and has been the head golf coach for 20 years.  He graduated from Orrville high school and has a bachelor’s degree in business education from the University of Akron.  Ron is married with two children and is a fan of Ohio State. He loves working at Cloverleaf because he likes the attitudes of our kids wanting to learn something new.  Ron chose education because he thinks kids need to be better prepared for life after school and he hopes he can teach them something they will use later in life.

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