Class of 2024 Washington D.C. Trip Information Update (4/1/20)

This past Monday, March 30th, Governor Mike Dewine extended closure of Ohio K-12 schools until May 1st.  After a great deal of consideration, the decision has been made to not send our 8th-grade students on the annual trip to Washington D.C. that was scheduled for this May 18th-20th.  

Understanding that the Washington D.C. trip is a valuable experience for our students and is a tradition that goes back many years, the plan is to postpone the trip, not to cancel it.  I have been in close communication with the high school administration *(Mrs. Lormeau and Mr. Randolph), and we have devised a plan to have this year’s 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. postponed to November of 2020.  Final dates are still being determined. Once, the dates are determined we will share that information.

As for the finances associated with the trip, two options are available: 

Option 1: If the new dates do not work for your child, or you simply choose to have your money refunded, you are welcome to do so.  Please contact Val Gregory by email ( to request your refund.  Please type in the subject line of the email “DC refund” 

If you choose to have your payment refunded it is important for you to know that prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Nowak Tours was required to place a deposit for hotel and transportation services.  Nowak Tours has been informed that they will only be refunded a portion of their deposits. That being said, families who desire to receive a refund will not receive their entire payment in return.  There is a $25 deposit fee that will not be refunded for each student who requests a refund. The deadline to request a refund is May 1, 2020.

Taking the refund will not prohibit a student from attending the trip in November.  To rejoin the trip you will need to contact the high school for details after August 1, 2020.   

Option 2: Students who plan on attending the trip in November may simply leave their payment as complete and they will be set to attend the trip with no additional financial obligations.  This option will not result in loss of funds for the deposits for hotel and transportation costs as would occur in option 1.  

Student behavior will continue to be a factor for student attendance on the trip as a freshman.  The trip is a privilege, not an entitlement. So, during the students’ freshman year if they are suspended and/or assigned four Friday Detentions they will lose the privilege to attend the Washington D.C. trip.  All students will have a fresh start when they begin their 9th-grade year. 

Mr. Randoph (Cloverleaf High School Associate Principal), will be leading all planning and activities associated with the trip for high school students.  As more details are finalized, he will communicate with families and students. Please stay tuned.

I would like to recognize Nowak Tours for working with us during such a difficult time.  They have gone over and above to assist the school district to find ways to make this trip possible for this year’s 8th graders.  Their flexibility and dedication to our students should not go unnoticed.

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