A Letter to CMS Parents

A Letter to the Parents of Cloverleaf Middle School.

Without any notice you did it.  You became an expert in themes and main ideas, slope, the parts of an animal cell, and a historian.  You are now demonstrating art classes, talking about their changing body, teaching foreign language, and directing a choir or band.  

As the staff of CMS, we can’t thank you enough for stepping up to the plate and working with us to be an extension of what we put together daily for continued instruction.

Know that it’s OK if not all the problems were finished or if you taught the “old way” of solving a math equation.  It’s OK if the notes were off-key or if you left out one or two of the elements of the plot.  It’s OK.

Many of us have different home situations.  Some of you are at home with five people on one device, some of you are working long days and coming home to begin teaching at night, and some of you are teaching elementary, middle, and high school at the same time.  All while trying to remember the last time your child took a bath, ate a meal, and turned in all of the day’s lessons.

Remember, you were your child’s first teacher.  You taught them all of the life skills they needed to prepare to even enter the doors of a school. The things you unknowingly do on a daily basis are teaching them the life skills they need in addition to the curriculum.  Know that they may not be figuring out the missing variable or using their knowledge on ancient civilizations every moment of every day but you are teaching them so many aspects of life.

No one planned for this.  We are in uncharted waters.  But we are making this work TOGETHER.  For OUR kids.  Although there are many unanswered questions about the future, we can reassure you: we will remain consistent.  During a time of such ambiguity, know this: we are committed to your child’s growth and education just as much as you are.  No matter what the future brings we will be here for them and you.    

So, as the year continues to evolve, we encourage you to take a break in the middle of the day and enjoy the sunshine (when it comes out).  Enjoy moments with your child, have conversations, and know that those moments are just as important as dividing fractions. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  As this is teacher appreciation week, we thought there was no better way to begin showing our appreciation than with starting with you.  


The staff of Cloverleaf Middle School

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