Best Wishes in Retirement Mrs. Todd

Today is a sad day for Cloverleaf Middle School. Linda Todd, Attendance Secretary, spent her last day in our building as she heads into retirement. Mrs. Todd has been a fixture in the middle school office since 2009. She has served the Cloverleaf School District since 1991.

We wish Mrs. Todd a wonderful retirement with her family.

CMS Personal Headphones/Earbuds

To start the new year, I am asking each student to bring a pair of personal headphones or earbuds to school daily that they can use with their district provided Chromebooks.

Families are encouraged to purchase inexpensive headphones/earbuds in case your child misplaces or loses them. As a father of a middle school student myself, I am well aware of this possibility. Your child only needs headphones/earbuds that provide the very basic functions of plugging in and hearing audio on their Chromebook.

Thank you

CMS Orientation Videos for Students and Parents

Unfortunately, this year CMS is not able to host an in person orientation and open house for our students and parents. We do recognize the importance of providing some insight to how our building will operate this year. So, our teachers have been hard at work developing videos by grade level to help students get a feel for what a day at CMS will look like.

In traditional years, we really focused on transitioning our 6th grade students to the new building. However, this year will look different for all students, as the building will operate much different than in years past. So, to our 7th and 8th graders, take some time to watch the videos below.

Our teachers have a great plan and will guide our students through the different parts of their day. The only things that parents and students need to worry about is arriving to school and finding their “Home Base” classroom. The CMS staff will take it from there. The “Home Base” classroom is the same as the “Homeroom” number listed on your child’s schedule. For more schedule information visit the following link.

Below are the orientation videos for each grade level, along with important information from our school nurse.

The CMS staff cannot wait to see our students back in the building on September 8th!!! Enjoy your last days of summer.

6th Grade Orientation

7th Grade Orientation

8th Grade Orientation

CMS Nursing processes and procedures

CMS general building overview

CMS Class Schedule Information

Hello CMS families! I know students and parents have been eagerly awaiting the release of student schedules for the upcoming year. Thank you for your patience. With the many factors that the school has been juggling, it has taken us just a bit longer to finalize student schedules.

Traditionally, students would visit the building to pick up a paper copy of their schedule. This year students can access schedules by logging in to Progress Book.

The most important information on the schedule is the Homeroom location. The Homeroom will serve as the location that students will report to upon arriving to school. The Homeroom is also the location that students will receive their core content instruction (Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies).

Students will also have two essential classes during the day that they will transition to at the direction of their Homeroom teachers.

As you review your child’s schedule please disregard the order of the classes as they are listed by period on the schedule. The traditional structure of a schedule will not apply to your child’s school day this year. It will however, accurately identify your child’s teachers. The middle school schedule will be more like a traditional elementary schedule then a middle school bell schedule.

For 8th grade students only. 8th grade students will utilizing the Mobile units located in the back of the building. If your home room number starts with “00” the location of that room is in one of the mobile units. For instance, room “001A” will be in mobile unit number one, side A.

For your convenience, I have shared the login link to Progress Book so you can easily access the schedule. Link to Progress Book

I am also re-sharing the middle school video explaining the building operations. Middle School Video

Lastly, our traditional in person orientation and open house are not possible this year. With that being said, our staff wants to make sure students get to meet their teachers and understand what the opening of the year will look like. The teachers are currently hard at work creating grade level introduction videos that will include expectations, digital tools, and communication information for students and parents. The teachers will be sharing the videos in the near future. Stay tuned……

CMS Fees Update

Attention parents: Do to an unexpected glitch in our programming, the middle school is unable to add the technology fee to our student fee accounts at this time. As soon as this problem is resolved we will communicate out, that the fees are ready to be paid. This will have no effect on your ability to receive a chrome book from the school during pickup.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused and are working hard to resolve this issue. Thank you for your continued patience.

CMS School Supplies

Families, as has happened in previous years, all student supplies for students attending face-to-face instruction will be provided on the first day of school.  No need to spend a day shopping and searching for sales on school supplies. Enjoy one more day of summer leisure!

20-21 CMS School Fees and Schedule

Attention Middle School Parents:

The 20-21 school fees will be different this year than in years past. All students (grades 6-8) will be assessed a $15.00 technology fee for the 20-21 school year. Every Middle school student will be issued a Chromebook and assigned a District Google account.

Students that are signed up for the online school choice will not be assessed the $43.00 consumable fee as long as they remain online. All online students will be charged the $15.00 Technology Fee. If your student decides to return to face-to-face learning during the second semester, The full 43.00 fee will be added at that time. This fee helps to cover the cost of workbooks and other items that can not be prorated..

Students that plan to return to face-to-face learning on September 8th, will be charged both the $43.00 consumable fee and the $15.00 technology fee, for a total fee obligation of $58.00 per student.

School fees are current and up to date for this year. The student fee payment deadline will be November 1st, 2020.

Parents, please remember the the Cloverleaf School District has moved to contactless payments as of July 1st, 2020. You may pay your fees on line through Payschools, U.S. mail, Dropbox (located at the high school), or by credit card by calling 330-302-0206 and asking for Mrs. Gregory.

Thank you for your continued support of our school district!