CMS Grades 6-8 Device Distribution Plan


As we transition to the 2020/2021 school year I am excited to announce that we are expanding our One-to-One device program to our 6th and 7th grade students. This will be in line with the 8th grade one-to-one program.

Last year 6th and 7th grade students had full Chromebook access during the school day, but the device remained at school. The difference this year is that they will be able to take the Chromebook home, much like how we issue a traditional textbook.

Moving to the One-to-One program will increase the annual technology fee from $5.00 to $15.00. In addition, parents are required to initial the Cloverleaf Local Schools Technology Usage Handbook and Internet Usage form. Both must be done prior to your student receiving the device, and having access to their student account provided by the school district. Both of these documents are located in the Back to School Portal which parents are required to update each year.

In addition, the district has secured a limited supply of hot spots for families who are in need. to request a hot spot for your child, please email Deanna Lacko at the hot spot will be distributed at the same time as the Chromebooks.

Students will be provided a case to help to support the protection of the device, with the understanding that students will be responsible for all repairs if it is damaged.

Below I have provided the link to the Back to School Portal. The Portal is currently open and can be completed now.

Link to the Back to School Portal

To ensure students have devices and are prepared for the first day of school, the middle school will be distributing devices according the schedule below. The Portal updates each night, so parents need to complete the Portal no later than the day prior to your scheduled pick up date listed below.

If your child is attending face-to-face instruction and your family is not able to collect the Chromebook according to the schedule below, the device will be ready for your child on September 8th in class, so long as the parent has completed the Back to School Portal prior to September 8th.

If your child is attending online and cannot collect the Chromebook at the scheduled time, please email Deann Lacko to arrange a day and time to pick up the device.

6th Grade Device Pickup Date: Tuesday, August 25 1:00-6:00 PM (Required Portal completion Date Monday, August 24th).

7th Grade Device Pickup Date: Wednesday, August 26 1:00-6:00 PM (Required Portal completion Date Tuesday, August 25th).

8th Grade Device Pickup Date: Thursday, August 27 1:00-6:00 PM (Required Portal completion Date Wednesday, August 26th).

Friday, August 28 Noon-2:00 PM (Required Portal completion Date Thursday, August 27th)..

Device Pickup Procedures
Parents will enter the building through the cafeteria doors and through a one-way line to pick up student devices. Parents will need to keep a 6 foot distance and wear masks while visiting CMS.

Staggering the days for pickup will allow us to safely distribute the devices in accordance with the Health Department’s guidelines. We ask you to please comply with the Governor’s mask mandate when you visit to collect your child’s Chromebook.

If you have more than one child attending the middle school, you will only need to select one of the days to visit. Whichever day you choose, please make sure you complete the Portal the day prior for all of your children.

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