CMS Food Service Plan

CMS wants to provide some insight into how our Food Service Department will operate at Cloverleaf Middle School this Fall.  This year along with many other things, the cafeteria is different from past years. Since the students will be eating in their classrooms and to help us navigate lunch counts, a google form will be sent to students email each school day so they can preorder their choice for the next school day.  The order will include breakfast and lunch  A menu will be emailed each month to students so you have an idea of what you would like to have.  The menu is also available on the Cloverleaf website.  

The district has made the decision to go cashless. Parents/Guardians will need to have funds available in your student’s account since we will not be accepting cash or checks at the register.  Students will be assigned swipe cards as soon as we receive them to help them get through the lines quickly and without having to touch the pin pads.  

Breakfast will be available for all students who preorder the day prior.  6th and 7th grade students will have breakfast already in their Home Base rooms upon arrival. 8th grade students will pick up breakfast on the way to their Home Base locations as they enter the building in the morning.  

All students will walk through the lunch line, even students who pack. This will give all students some time to move and also allow them to purchase Milk for lunch.  Lunch will be distributed in “take out” containers to that will be taken back to their room to eat.  They will choose their milk, fruit and vegetables off the salad bar (all prepackaged), pick up their meal choice and see the cashier.  We have a limited amount of time for serving lunch.  So, to help make the process more efficient, there will be two lines with the same menu items on both sides.  No A LA CARTE (snacks at this time) will be available at this time.  Only full meals will be served.  

If you have any questions please email Mrs. Shaw, Food Service Manager. At  or call 330-302-0240. Thank you for supporting our food service department.

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