Successful Start for COLA Troubleshooting Guide

6th – 12th Grade

  1. Login to Your Device
    1. Students should log in to any device with their username which begins with their first initial, full last name, and their graduation year and ends with our student domain.
      1. (Ex.
    2. Student passwords should be their first and last initial followed by their first six digits of their lunch code.  You can find their code in DASL.
      1. (Ex. jb123456)
    3. If students cannot log in: they should email their facilitator for help:
      1. 11-12 Grade:
      2. 9-10 Grade:
      3. 8th Grade:
      4. 7th Grade: or
      5. 6th Grade:
  2. Go to Google Classroom
    1. All teachers invited all COLA students to their Google Classrooms.
    2. Students should accept the invitation to “Join.”
    3. After “joining,” there will be instructions on how to login to Edmentum Courseware.
      1. Students will also see a Task Board of assignments helping guide them through their day.
  3. Login to Edmentum Courseware
    1. The following pattern will be used to login
      1. Account: clsd1 (for all students)
      2. Username: See below for grade-specific login information
        1. 10th-12th Grade Students – Same as Cloverleaf account (Ex. jboggs.22)
        2. 6th-9th Grade Students – First Name.Last Name (Ex. josh.boggs)
      3. Password is “password” for all accounts
    2. Students should begin any pre-assessments
    3. If any classes are wrong; students/parents should reach out to their Guidance Counselor for official changes.
  4. Students with Special Services
    1. Students with special services are not using Edmentum, but Educere instead.
    2. Have them check their email
      1. They should have received an email from Educere this morning.
    3. If not they should reach out to their case manager:
      1. Megan McGreer (CMS):
      2. Alison Hanudel ( CHS):
      3. Blair Shimandle (CES):
    1. Parents/students can email Josh Boggs the following information: your student’s name, current grade, and their phone number and I will call them.

We ask that families please be patient as we are addressing each issue on an individual basis as the are submitted. Thank you!

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