Cloverleaf Colts All Sports Boosters

For those of you who don’t know what the Cloverleaf Colts All Sports Boosters program is, here is a little background. We are a non profit organization designed to promote and encourage leadership, sportsmanship, and high moral character within our high school athletic community. We assist sports teams with financial requests for various needs, as approved by our committee members.

We organize and support various events and services, such as the concession stand at football games and the tailgate. We started a scholarship essay in honor of football/track Coach John Sands, who passed away in 2017, for athletes that he coached. We also have assisted with an Eagle project of a local boy scout.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic and restrictions that have been put into place, we are unable to fundraise through the concession stand and our reverse raffle and we are unable to have our annual reverse raffle in the spring, which is our largest fundraiser.

Therefore, the Cloverleaf All Sports Boosters is launching a unique t-shirt fundraiser to support all of our athletes. The link to the fundraiser is located below. Please note that the t-shirts are two sided with Cloverleaf strong on the front; all in this together with our horseshoe surrounded by all of the sports on the back.

Link to the fundraiser

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